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  1. bluewater

    How many puffers per tank?

    I have a green spotted puffer, and was thinking about putting another in just because it's so cool. He's been hiding ALOT now though and doesn't hover around anymore like he used to. Do these fish get along with others in the same tank?
  2. bluewater

    retarded lion

    I have a fuzzy dwarf whos swims upside down or vertically straight up or down once in awhile... it's wierd. Then... WHOOSH! It'll strike at something which it thinks is food... or it could possibly be food that I didn't see. He eats anything. Brine, Forumla 1, Frozen defrosted brine, frozen...
  3. bluewater

    How Often Do You Feed Your Fish?

    i have a 15gal with a FuzzyDwarf, Scooter, and Green spotted Puffer. I feed them 2 tsp of Brine a day. occassional 1/4 cube of frozen forumula-one every other day with a 1/4 cube of diced squid I buy at a fish market. I might cut to 1 tsp. a day. The Fuzzy Lion is like my turtle. It just...
  4. bluewater

    52 gallon setup w/ Mushrooms (which fish w/ D.Lion?)

    Hey all, I've decided to turn my 52 gallon (48x14x18) Freshwater/Turtle tank into an aggressive SaltWater fish tank. Probably going to make the change in about a month. Right now, I have a 15 gallon which housed a Maroon clown & his BTA, Fairy Basslet, Bengaii Cardinal, Scooter Blenny, and...
  5. bluewater

    How long do fish live?

    Well... considering that Anenomes can live hundreds of years in the ocean... and only a few can live over 2 years in captivity... I wouldnt doubt if some can live over 30 years or so?
  6. bluewater

    Need to rid Prizm Skimmer bubbles

    Thnx for the responces. Only additives I add are the Calcium, stronium, and iodine. I put about 3-4 drops each a week. I dont put any amquel or novaqua slime coat stuff. I am sure the skimmer is on the lowest setting. I just got the skimmer on the 23rd of this month right before Christmas...
  7. bluewater

    Need to rid Prizm Skimmer bubbles

    Is it normal for the Prizms to release alot of bubbles into the tank? MY skimmer is at an extremely low pressure. And still, lots of bubbles are going into the tank. The live rock under where my skimmer empties out water has air bubbles all over it. Any ideas? If they can't be eliminated...
  8. bluewater

    prizm protein skimmer

    All my friends use the Prizm, and they're happy with it. The only skimmer people seem to recommend under $100
  9. bluewater

    10 g tank lighting

    My powerhead is a duetto-100. Not really made for saltwater, but it filters some of the gunk out. If I were you, invest in a maxi-jet. I don't have a skimmer. But I will be getting a "Prizm" skimmer. They are the cheapest from what I have seen, and work well. Place around here has it for...
  10. bluewater

    Long Tentacle will not stay put!!!!

    It's moving because it's not happy where it is in the tank. If you keep moving it back or glue it into place, it will mostly likely croak. Best thing to do from my own anemone experience (even though I have had one) is to just leave it alone. Only time I move mine out from the back of the...
  11. bluewater

    10 g tank lighting

    Ivan, I have a 10 gallon long so my lighting is a little different since it's lower & wider. Mine is a 15Watt 50/50 and a 18Watt PC blue/white. There are 2 LFS by me and both have the same 18Watt PC I have in theirs. Those tanks are thriving and house various corals and anemones.
  12. bluewater

    High pH? Dangerous?

    I bought that pH Alkalinity buffer from Aquarium Systems. My pH was 8.0 for 3 weeks and I wanted to bring it up to 8.2. So I followed the instructions, and it said to "add 1 tspoon" daily. My snails die and now my feather duster looks like crap. The damn bottle DOES NOT tell me stop once...
  13. bluewater

    High pH? Dangerous?

    My pH is 8.8 from 8.2 has been like this for 2 days. Is it harmful to the anemones and coral?
  14. bluewater

    Post your 2 Fav pix!!!

    Great pix people!!! Can't wait to see more. Mine is not a hammer coral. Jacksonpt is correct. It's a BTA. Ijji, what's that thing on the bottom left of your bottom pic? Predator, to post pics, you need to upload it to a domain. There are some free ones out there. is of...
  15. bluewater

    Post your 2 Fav pix!!!

    Well, like the subject says. Would be cool to see 2 of everyone's favorite personal pics they have taken. Weather it be a full shot of a tank, or a closeup of a fish, doesn't matter. I'd like to see the variety that people come up with. I'll start [ December 05, 2001: Message edited by...
  16. bluewater

    bubble anemone-ease of care?

    I am no where near expert. But I'd like to share my experience so far with BTA. I have a 10 gallon long with a white/actinic PC 18watt. Also a 50/50 15watt. No skimmer. Just 12lbs live rock, 10lbs CC and 2lbs LS. However, my tank is only 9 inches deep. And with the sandbed, and my anemone...
  17. bluewater

    Temp steady at 82- is this ok?

    average reef temperature worldwide is 81 deg. So I think 1 degree higher can't be too catastrophic :)
  18. bluewater

    what for 29g

    If you want live stock, try getting some mushroom polyps or a good cleanup crew. Emerald Crabs, Cleaner Shrimp, and Peppermint Shrimp are cool and fairly inexpensive. Like 5-10 bux. For hardware, start saving up for a skimmer.
  19. bluewater


    Are Xenia's hardy? Deciding between that and a toadstool (for my first coral)
  20. bluewater

    Anemone not as 'full' as he was

    I don't know about the light issue. My BTA likes to hang out in the darkest spots possible in my tank. Under cracks, back of tank, or away from light. It won't open in light. It tripples it size at night and goes fully extended then