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  1. reefnut

    Reef Tank Withdrawals

    I am absolutely dying of reef tank withdrawals . It’s been almost a year now with no tanks setup… I can’t take it.
  2. reefnut

    Basement Sumps

    For those that have their sumps setup a floor down from the display... what is the best way to set it up? Do you have to do anything special for the sump inlet?? Thanks,
  3. reefnut

    Water Change Question

    which ever works best for you!! I personally like weekly water changes because it's easier for me but if you're not able to do it weekly, monthly is ok too.
  4. reefnut

    calcium help?

    What is your alkalinity level?? Don't try to raise the calcium level with the kalk... you're correct that it is intended to "hold" the levels. Reef Advantage will work to increase the calcium level but you need to know your alkalinity reading.
  5. reefnut

    Tank maintenence

    Originally Posted by rot_stupid I have since learned to take his advise with a few grains of salt as with all other advise you receive... What I mean is there are many ways to do things and many opinions on what the best way is. Find what works for you and stay with it!! With the macro...
  6. reefnut


    some type of rock anemone I think... definitely a type of pest anemone imo.
  7. reefnut

    Bare Bottom Tanks...

    For those of you that have had your BB Tanks running for a while now... do you still like it?? any problems?? I am moving and since I have to disturb my sand bed anyway I'm considering a BB in the display. It will be a 110g Reef. All comments are welcome.
  8. reefnut

    Are blacklights harmful?

    Read through this thread
  9. reefnut

    T6 Lights

    Originally Posted by SCSInet Actually T6 lamps are very similar to T5 lamps. They have thicker glass and run at lower operating temperatures, but they are identical in lengths, wattages, and base types (G13) to T5 lamps After thinking a little Power Compacts do not come in 54w bulbs... 54w is...
  10. reefnut

    T6 Lights

    When you look it up on *bay it says "This is Brand New 2007 in the box Catfish Lighting 48" 216 Watt Power Compact Light!" ?? I dunno??
  11. reefnut

    T6 Lights

    I know SCSInet but the fixture he is looking at is a Power Compact. Look it up on *bay.
  12. reefnut

    Lake Bonnivile Tufa rock

    There are many people in the Salt Lake valley that use that rock with great success. The rock was supposedly formed like 3200 years ago. I personally have never used it but again many are... Look up the Wasatch Reef Club
  13. reefnut

    is continuous carbon use neccessary???

    I agree with Tizzo... in the past I have ran carbon 24/7, once a month & never. Now I'll run carbon every once in a while when the water needs polished.
  14. reefnut

    T6 Lights

    I just looked it up real quick and what they are is Power Compacts... which do well for soft reef or FOWLR aquariums.
  15. reefnut

    Can I add something to a tank cycling for a week with LR from a year old tank-?

    Normally about 4-weeks. There are many factors but if the new 125lbs of LR is still curing it will be about 4-weeks. It sounds like the cured LR is keeping up with any ammonia/ nitrites from the other rock at this point.
  16. reefnut

    a little help please... clownfish doesnt wanna eat.. its dying...

    Originally Posted by myfrenlikesu it wont eat a thing... ?? did it die already??
  17. reefnut

    Can I add something to a tank cycling for a week with LR from a year old tank-?

    Maybe but patience is the key to success in this hobby.
  18. reefnut

    ophiura-brittlestar pictures

    That's fine... you're welcome to use any of my pictures... :)
  19. reefnut

    ophiura-brittlestar pictures

    one more