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  1. zsqure

    SCSInet's 180g Reef Build!

    I must say Thank You for this build. I am at the point where I will be upgrading to the exact same model and size of tank. Many of my questions and concerns have been answered by your pictures and posts.
  2. zsqure

    The Water Change Club

    15 gal water change every sun morn. 90g rr / 30 gal sump prob 100 gal total sys vol. I can tell when it is needed, or if I get lazy and skip a week. I don't test and have not done so for almost a year. Make my own salt/ro water and do test that for sg, phos. Other than that things seem to be...
  3. zsqure

    Clean salt off wall

    Hello all, I am not a newbie, been making the same mistakes for a while now. I have noticed salt spray or an ugly something or other behind my tank on the wall. What can I use to clean this off? Will vinegar/water solution work without damaging the painted surface? Mr clean? Spic n span? Lysol...
  4. zsqure

    Protein Skimmer

    actually replaced my Aqua C with a Euroreef a couple weeks ago, my system is bordering on 120 total gallons. The AquaC is cleaned up and collecting dust now......
  5. zsqure

    Coral putty?

    I use a "3 LITTLE FISHIES" product I think.
  6. zsqure

    Protein Skimmer

    Aqua C Remora or Remora pro. Older technology but still do a better job than the bargain skimmers and can be found used at great prices. Big enough to keep around for your upgrade if you stay under 75gal.
  7. zsqure

    What Camera Do You Use?

    De has a DSLR, Canon I believe. It's there in one of her threads.
  8. zsqure

    Potential new salt hobbist

    Most of us use light diffuser purchased from lowes or home dumpster to keep the carpet surfers at bay. We call it egg crate also. A sump allows you to keep pumps, heaters, skimmer, biomedia, maybe a fuge out of site and increase the water volume in your system leading to more stable water...
  9. zsqure

    Sump / Wet Dry Swap

    That's the info I was looking for. Thanks.
  10. zsqure

    Sump / Wet Dry Swap

  11. zsqure

    Sump / Wet Dry Swap

    hello all, I am to the point where I want to pull out my wet/dry w/bioballs and replace it with a sump refugium set up. Do I just unhook one and hook up the other? I would like to use the live sand and some of the live rock from my 24g nano in my sump. Is this a good idea? I plan on using a 33...
  12. zsqure

    Initial Supplies for 120g Tank?

    Buy your tank off of CL or someplace like that, local reef club, don't rush into things. 6ft lg tanks are great. Research. Everything can be had online rather than LFS. Salt is way cheaper online, Live sand, live rock. Go with RO/DI unit as mentioned earlier. Brut 44gal grey garbage can from...
  13. zsqure

    BEST HOB Skimmers

    Remora pro hanging on my sump unil I can stuff the RC80 under there.
  14. zsqure

    Which skimmer do you run?

    Don't be afraid of buying someones used skimmer, especially if it is a premium unit. Euro reef, Reef Flow, Bubble king, Deltec. The folks here on the boards can give good info. Many like their msx's, ASM, many like the Octopus stuff. Research is what it is all about. I am on my 3rd skimmer...
  15. zsqure

    Euro Reef RC80

    I repaired the RC80 with PVC cement and a very large clamp. So far so good. Trying it out on my QT tank. Now to figure out how to plumb it into my system.
  16. zsqure

    Euro Reef RC80

    Things are definitely looking up. I found an RC180 this morning for 100 bucks. Talked to the guy, explained what had occured and the info I needed. He wasn't sure of the model but verified by serial tag. Euro Reef wanted 100 to fix the other one and I am getting this for 100 (plus shipping) woo...
  17. zsqure

    shooting fish and dSLR

    Find DeMartini, in the nano section she can take some awesome pics.
  18. zsqure

    Thoughts on the new Canon s90?

    Canon has a superzoom (sx10is or sx20is) point and shoot model with an aquarium setting. Have no idea about the s90. I went for a NikonL100 because of price and it has a "burst" mode for action shots, i have not figured it out yet. Stay with the canon IMO.
  19. zsqure

    Euro Reef RC80

    Credit card through paypal
  20. zsqure

    Euro Reef RC80

    Oh man I am bummed. The seller is adamant about the fact he sent me an RC180. I can't get anywhere with Paypal online, I'll have to talk to a real person.