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  1. pizzamiglio

    Snowflake Eel

    Where are you located?
  2. pizzamiglio

    canister filter wanted

  3. pizzamiglio

    canister filter wanted

    It is a 2228. 2229 and 2227 are wet/dry versions of the 2228 and 2226.
  4. pizzamiglio

    canister filter wanted

    Yes, it works fine. All it needs is media and new intake/output hoses. I have all the fittings for the hoses (U-shaped intake w/ screen, U-shaped return line, Return spray bar), just not the hose itself. LMK
  5. pizzamiglio

    canister filter wanted

    I have an Eheim 2228. You can have it for 40 + shipping if you want it. LMK.
  6. pizzamiglio


    I drilled my 92 corner. 1" gravity overflow. I installed a PVC Elbow before attaching the screen, so there is a little surface skimming action. As fas as the slurping goes: From the back of the bulkhead I installed a "T". Capped off one end above my water line, and fed the other to my flex...
  7. pizzamiglio

    Mated/spawning pair of GSM for sale

    Stacey and I Like Fish, ecook is offering a pair of (G)old (S)triped (M)aroon clownfish. that is what GSM stands for. His are a mated pair, meaning that they have bread in the past and will continue to breed in the future, and that they can and should be housed together. They are essentially...
  8. pizzamiglio

    LR,fish and 110g tank sale Orlando,fl

    Okie. No prob. If things change let me know. :)
  9. pizzamiglio

    LR,fish and 110g tank sale Orlando,fl

    Any pics of the blue throat?
  10. pizzamiglio

    DC area 40g. breeder complete setup for $450

    Are you willing to part out the system? If so, I would be interested in the clown if he is a GSM and possibly the cleanup crew. LMK -Mario
  11. pizzamiglio

    I need the measurements of a CPR CS150 Overflow box

    Yes, I have the measurments. I assume that you are looking only for the measurments for the part that hangs on the outside of the tank. They are as follows: length: 9 3/8", width: 6", depth: 10". HTH. :) -Mario
  12. pizzamiglio

    I need the measurements of a CPR CS150 Overflow box

    Are you just looking for LxWxH ?
  13. pizzamiglio

    25 lbs of LR in Hampton Roads, VA

    If the sale falls through, and it is still avail, give me an email at I live in MD, but I have a few friends that work at the schoolhouse there on Useless. They can pick it up, and truck it up to me when they come up on the weekends. -Mario
  14. pizzamiglio

    How to drill a tank?

    Originally posted by Wolffvet My other question is where should I drill my holes? in the bottom or on the back?:help: Almost all American made glass aquariums have a tempered glass bottom, not float glass. Tempered cannot be drilled, so you will have to drill the side. Good luck! -Mario
  15. pizzamiglio

    Extra Items for sale

    Possibly interested in the filter box. email me: Thanks.
  16. pizzamiglio

    Corner Tank Owners....question

    Do any of you have an above tank refugium? If so, where did you install it so it would not stick out and take away the "limelight" of the display? I am having a really hard time finding somewhere to put my 20 gal refugium. I had thought about mounting a shelf on the wall and putting it there...
  17. pizzamiglio

    Southdown FYI

    The Home Depot in Germantown, Maryland has almost 3 full pallets of Southdown @ 4.99 per bag. Just a heads up for anyone in the area looking for some. I know there was someone looking for it at the HD in Gaithersburg, but can't remember who. And yes, it no longer has the southdown name on it...
  18. pizzamiglio

    Corner tank good for lion?

    How about a Radiata? Anyone have any exp with these? They seem to be a little smaller than a Volitan. Do you think he would be comfortable in the 92?
  19. pizzamiglio

    Corner tank good for lion?

    I believe the fully grown Volitan reaches in the area of 18"
  20. pizzamiglio

    Must Sell-Military Going Overseas

    Good luck! Where are you getting stationed? I just came back from Deutschland in December. I loved it. One of the best accompanied tours out there. Have fun...und Tschusse!