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    What do you dose? Please Post!

    The only thing I dose in my SPS, LPS, soft coral tank (also have fish) is Alk and Calcium. Whether it is B-Ionic or Kalkwasser. Nothing else. No DTs or any other supplements. I also perform regular water changes. Typically 10-15% per week.
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    What are some of the easy SPS corals to keep?

    lighting is important, obviously, but water quality and flow are equally important. I have several different SPS in my tank over 660 watts VHO and all have done extremely well. None have lost their coloration and all grow, albeit at different rates. I currently have several acros, montipora...
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    Sps Corals

    I keep several different types of sps (acro, monti,pagoda, pavona) under 660 watts of vho. None are lower than the upper half of the tank. All have excellent coloration. One grows albeit very slowly. The rest seem to grow at an average rate. There are definitely some sps that require mh but...
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    Montipora Capricornus under T-5

    generally more light is always better. If you can fit 8 T5s under your 90 and you won't run into heat issues, do it. I have 6, 110 watt VHOs over my 90 and keep monti caps, monti digitatas, sps, lps and softies. My SPS have not lost their color and all of them grow, some faster than others...
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    For the People that QT their Corals

    Interesting in hearing why y'all dip your corals? I have heard of dipping sps to kill off parasites but in 8 years of running a softy, lps, sps tank I have never dipped my corals and have never had a problem.
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    Cyanobacteria Causes

    Slightly off topic but if you are upgrading I suggest a 90 vs a 75. You will love the depth of the 90. The rest of the dimensions are the same. The depth allows for cooler aquascaping.
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    $10 per frag, appx. 3-5 polps per frag.
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    Light Aclimating Corals

    Why are you light acclimating did you recenlty upgrade your lights? Or did the corals come from significantly less intense light than your current setup? I have never light acclimated and I keep everything from softies to sps.
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    You can get mail order Bam Bam for $10 a frag.
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    How to frag this leather?

    The top will grow back. The rate at which it regrows all depends on your lighting and water quality. Mine grows like a weed but since cutting it back is more maintenance than anything I hardly pay attention. However, I noticed that it grows back fuller each time I cut it. As for smaller...
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    First fraggin project

    Originally Posted by brnstr214 what do u mean safety...i touch mine occasionally...that not a good idea? They aren't talking about incidental touching or when moving things around. When fragging zoos and other leathers things get pretty messing with slime. The slime is toxic. You putting...
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    Angels that do not eat corals?

    Currently I have a flame angel who does not mess with my corals. In the past I have kept Potters & Coral Beauty with any trouble as well. I have learned that so long as you keep your tank properly fed (not overly) problems do not typically arise. I have a mantis that has been in my tank for 7...
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    How to frag this leather?

    Just get a razor blade and start pruning. toadstools are hardy SOBs. Mine overgrowns its allotted area every 6 mos or so. Once it does I literally run a razor blade through the portion I want out and throw the rest away. To make frags, I suggest using a razor blade to cut the upper most...
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    Starfish Invasion!!!!!!!!!

    There are countless of them in my tank. If you look closely enough at your LR you should see the arms sticking out. I notice them most after I do a water change or recently after messing with the tank. They are literally everywhere in my tank but only if you know where to look for them...
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    I NEED SOME HELP... I am so annoyed!

    I'm also battling Hair Algea. I was feeding once a day (47 gallon tall tank w/2 clowns-Damsel-Lawnmower blennie-Strawberry Chromis-3 peppermints-various crabs/snails). Have some soft corals also and a Haitian Pink tipped. For me cutting the lights is the last measure I would take because in my...
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    I NEED SOME HELP... I am so annoyed!

    How much flow do you have in your tank? I can't remember the target turnover but it something like 5 or 6 times the total water volume. I could be wrong. For comparison I have a 90 with 6 Maxi Jet 1200s and a Mag 7 running my return. Are you doing 10% water changes every week? What kind of...
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    Say it ain't so!!!

    The anemone is really small. Those zoo polyps are at most 1/2 inch across. That little anemone is half that size and he is the biggest of the 4. How do I squirt Joes Juice in an anemone that small??? Syringe with needle
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    Went to Laz's again!!! Pics!!!

    Awsome tank coraljunky, but I hope you know it looks like some of your (new?) sps are dead or dying. Glad someone else said it bc I thought the same thing. Unless there is some kind of joke I am missing.
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    Red worm with white arms good or bad?

    sounds like bristle worms. Good part of the clean up crew. They are scavengers that typically don't pose a threat to other tank inhabitants. I have a ton in my tank (no way to know how many really because I only randomly see them) ranging from much smaller than an inch to 6 inches. Never had...
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    Calling all advanced reefers...

    My 90g tank has been up and running since 2001 Daily - less than 2 minutes combined -Dose two part additive in the AM before lights come on -Check fresh water top off every PM -Look for any signs of stress both AM & PM Every other day - less than 1 minute - Nori clipped to inside glass every...