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    Male clownfish eating eggs after years of successful spawns.

    After years of successful spawns my male clownfish has stopped caring for the eggs and started eating them. This all started happening 7 clutches ago, i usually take the eggs out on hatch night and move them to a separate tank. I was unable to do it at night so i did it during the day with the...
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    Clownfish ovipositor out, day 3. Pictures on another forum here.
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    Clownfish ovipositor out, day 3.

    My clownfish ovipositor has been out going on three days now. She is alone in her tank with her mate, they have been showing signs of mating (twitching, have a couple of spots cleaned) but they have never laid a clutch. She eats normally and water parameters are all good due to me changed the...
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    Two fish two differnt problems?

    Issue started with me having to move my fishtank to a differnt part of my living room. Its 125g (long) tank, I removed the half the water so I could slide it across the floor. The sand substrate was highly disturbed and caused spike in my amonia. Water parameters are fine now but a few weeks...