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  1. aileena

    illinois room

    I am giving away a 500g fish tank stand and canopy with a dolphin in it...:happy: :happy:
  2. aileena

    anything for FREE in Michigan??

    I told you guys both that I have lots of free stuff that you can come and pick up but you never did.
  3. aileena


    For all you memebers out there trying to trade or sell or stuff I thought I would let you know that mods are now making recommendations to those who are interested in buying your items. Here is a recent email I recieved by someone who was interested in my vho setup "You can keep it...
  4. aileena

    36" light needed ASAP

    I have a icecap 660 system for sale for 170.00 It will be all the lighting you need,,,
  5. aileena

    Prizm Protein Skimmer FS in Michigan

    Its a standard prizm and its rated to 90g I live in Lansing, MI
  6. aileena

    Prizm Protein Skimmer FS in Michigan

    title says it all...costs 73.00 new...will sell this for 40.00 buyer pays shipping.
  7. aileena

    anything for FREE in Michigan??

    oh ya I got lots of free stuff...:happy:
  8. aileena

    LR in Michigan

    i want some lr
  9. aileena

    60g tank stand and canopy for sale in MI

    Tank stand and canopy 60g for sale in Michigan email for pics
  10. aileena

    LR in Michigan

    I have some lr for sale
  11. aileena

    need lights

    measurements on what?
  12. aileena

    need lights

    I have a icecap 660 ballast with harness, endcaps, and mounting plates, with two fans and 4 46.5" URI bulbs that are less than a month old...will let it all go for 225.00 you pay shipping.
  13. aileena

    looking for a UV sterilizer

    I have a 36 watt double-helix unit that was used just one month too!!! sell it to you for $80 + shipping.
  14. aileena

    Michigan sales

    i have a bunch of stuff for sale in lansing email me at
  15. aileena

    Looking for 90 or 120 gl tank/setup in Chicago Area

    Hey I have a 65g in Lansing, MI that I am trying to sell I you would like the whole setup save the tank stand canopy and lighting. unless you need the lights. let me know...75lbs of LR and any and all corals for like 500.00 even. I also have a YT and a coral beauty for another 50.00 for both.
  16. aileena

    65g setup for sale!!! Lansing Area!!!

    nobody intrested in buying a setup? I am going to wait a while and let you know if I part it out.