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  1. drdingo21

    Anyone seen this video?

    HUGE aquarium Its 1,981,290 gallons. Watch in HD. its really amazing
  2. drdingo21

    Do you name your fish?

    The ex named ours Lion - Simba Puffer - Hinderburg Wolf Eel - David Blaine Huma Huma - Skip
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    Teaching the puffer to spit water when being fed Video!

    Originally Posted by BRIAND7878 JJ, its time for some full tank shots. lol. When I was reading your facebook status the other day, I was debating about uploading some pictures. I get some up in a few days. When do you get back home? I thought you were almost done.
  4. drdingo21

    Teaching the puffer to spit water when being fed Video!

    I dont have halides. He hides unless I'm standing over the tank feeding - so I'm not worried abou ---. Just thought I'd share the video.
  5. drdingo21

    Teaching the puffer to spit water when being fed Video!

    I've been working with my porc puff for a little while now trying to get him to spit water when I'm feeding him. At first he didn't do it at all, but now hes getting the hang of it all and doing pretty well. Link to vid:
  6. drdingo21

    about to drill for overflow.. what about other flow?

    I drilled two holes for the return from the sump. I wish I would have done more 3 or 4 and ran two pumps to get more flow... But once the hole is drilled - there is no going back.
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    Any IT People out there?

    Been in IT for more than a few years as both a systems admin and a network engineer. I prefer the engineer side as then I don't have to deal with end users... I currently have my CCNP, MCSA in 2k and various other little certs (net +, server +, etc..) Also several hacking certs.
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    This is a good deal for 500$ right?

    What kind of pumps and heaters... I picked my 125 with sump, 30# of rock, skimmer, canopy, and stand for 300 (maybe 400, I don't remember). But then again, I have a friend that for a 75 with stand, heater, and pump for $500.
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    An amazing feedin video

  10. drdingo21

    An amazing feedin video

    Make sure you stick it out till the end.
  11. drdingo21

    An amazing feedin video

    Don't normally link videos, however I thought this would be appreciated here...
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    drilling holes

    I answered the other thread you replied in, but - You can drill any glass that isn't tempered. I used a kit from as well as thier sump kit. Great customer service and great product. I drilled my 125 for two drains and two returns...
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    drilling holes in bottom of tank

    Originally Posted by bryce.martin23 thats what i thought also about the tempered glass but i have read a couple of times on this forum about people doing this and being succesful. Ill check out that web site and hopefully get some ideas Not tempered. You can drill other sides of the tank but...
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    Ammonia Issue

    I'm no expert. But you need to do a way larger water change. 20%. you need to get it down. In a hurry
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    $100 dinner for my harlequin bass!

    44 cad is only 30 somthing usd. But it still sucks. I added a peperment shripm to my FO tank with a lion.. (had an aiptasia issue). The shrimp was HUGE and I fed the lion right before I put the shrimp in. 5 hours later shrimp is gone and the lions stomach is HUGE. Big bully.
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    When I grow up I want to be like mommy

    The story behind that - The mom works at Home depot and she is selling snow shovels. Which makes it even better.
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    My 125g Diary

    Thanks! It's a mag 950 being fed into two return pipes. Those two are aimed down at the sand and it is still growing there... That picture was taken a few days ago - now there is a blanket of brown over everything - which leads me to belive it's not a flow issue... Another point - It started to...
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    I can't believe this...

    Originally Posted by crypt keeper the internet has webites on illegal drugs. Holy crap. Originally Posted by crypt keeper no way people spam the internet? does it taste like chicken? I wish
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    I can't believe this...

    This is probably spam...
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    My 125g Diary

    I don't have a full tank shot but I did get a lion and an eel over the weekend. Both are eating and seem to be doing great! The fishes I'm also having an issue with algae, what CUC should I get? I currently have 12 tiny blue legged hermits in there... Pic