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    I'd love to see a picture of him. And things are going well with the puppy... right now the big hurdles are housebreaking and chewing on inappropriate objects (shoes, electrical cords :eek: ). He's making progress though... :yes:
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    Common Critters

    Thanks Carole! I'll get those added ASAP!
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    Avatar help

    First you need to have at least 25 posts. After that, you just need a picture that is 100x100 pixels or less and less than 10K. Then you go into "User CP", go under "Edit Options" and scroll to the bottom. There is a section called "Avatar". Click the "Change Avatar" button. It will take you...
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    OT: New Mars Discovery

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    Common Critters

    Originally posted by Kip4130 i am talking to my attorney now :scared: :D
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    Common Critters

    Thanks everyone! And Kip, I know several of the pics I used on the critters page were yours from where you had helped people out with IDs... I hope you don't mind. Same thing goes for Bang Guy too, if he sees this... I know I used several of his pics too.
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    Common Critters

    I have attempted to make a page on our website devoted to the common critters we all find in our aquariums. I thought it might be a helpful resource for those trying to identify unknown hitchikers like worms, pods, etc. The list is by no means comprehensive... but it's still a work in progress...
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    Life on Mars

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    $8 Deal

    Beautiful! I have always loved those orange/purple ricordia...
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    Originally posted by Daniel411 Is that a chow? He's adorable! He does kinda look like a chow, but he's a pomeranian :) He only weighs about 2 pounds... :joy:
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    Updated minibow tank pictures!! 01-14-04

    It looks awsome! :yes:
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    a couple of questions

    I would personally take the sand sifting star back to the LFS... he'll eat all the sand bed infauna like pods. As for the snails, I would recommend diversifying your snail population a bit. Consider adding some nassarius or cerith snails. You could also put in a fighting conch, which will help...
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    Originally posted by Fish_Boi really thats all? you were the one who told me the snails+crabs=gallons method. or is this for smaller tanks?:notsure: :notsure: I think she meant that the nitrates should be under 20, not the number of inverts...
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    Attack of the killer Brittle Star

    We had to remove our green brittle star because it was eating our smaller fish. They tend to be nocturnal, so after lights out, try and coax him out with a piece of raw shrimp then scoop him out with a net and take him back to your LFS... his fish eating behavior isn't likely to stop.
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    Eating "Low-Carb"

    I tried Atkins for a month... I hated it AND it made me sick. From what I understand, Atkins works great if you stick to it... but you have to stay on it for the rest of your life because as soon as you quit, you gain the weight back.
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    catching fish

    Wonderful! I'm glad it worked for you! :jumping:
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    New 120g, scared of DSB but love the look of Sand?

    If a DSB scares you, you can still have some of the benefits of a sandbed by doing a shallow sand bed of 1-3 inches... and you don't have to vacuum it. You just need an adequate cleaning crew... they will keep the sand clean.
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    Hot or Not

    Oh, what the heck... why not... Rate Me!
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    Live Rock in a FO tank

    That depends... is your tank already established with fish in it? If your tank already has fish in it, then you either need to buy cured rock or you need to buy uncured and cure it yourself in a rubbermaid container. If this is a new tank, then you can just buy uncured rock and use it to cycle...
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    Baby pink...