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  1. guyerson

    Sump Build: Traditional Tank vs. Rubbermaid?

    I thought Pittsburgh was the only place where people refer to soda as "pop"! :-)
  2. guyerson

    Instant Ocean to Oceanic salt ok?

    I made the switch from IO directly to Oceanic and didn;t experience any problems. I was doing 15g water changes on a 75g tank.
  3. guyerson

    something on my live rock

    My guess would be a copepod....?
  4. guyerson

    Which salt?

    +1 for Oceanic - I've been using it for 8 months and have been pleased with the results.
  5. guyerson

    Blue Reef Chromis question

    I've lost a number of these over time as well. I had a school of five to begin with - I lost two of them rather quickly and the other three were doing fine for several months. I'm now down to two and it has been that way for a while.. Not sure what it is with those fish..
  6. guyerson

    20 gallon sump

    How much? Do you have any pics? I'm in Pittsburgh and may be interested. Thx
  7. guyerson

    2 koralia 1's for sale

    I'm interested in both - PM Sent. Let me know if they are still available. Thx
  8. guyerson

    WTB 2 Koralia 1's

    I am also looking for 2 Koralia 1's. Let me know if anyone still has some available shipped to 15102.
  9. guyerson

    Tank Set-Up Sale MD/VA/WV/DC

    Let me know if the Koralia's are still available - I will take them if they are.
  10. guyerson

    Mega-Powerful Nitrate and Phosphate Remover Replaces Skimmer, Refugium, Everything

    This is a very interesting concept, thanks for making this info available to the boards! I've read over this a few times now and I think I am at a good understanding of the concept. Quick question: If I wanted to create a bucket system and keep it underneath my tank, what would be the...
  11. guyerson

    Plumbing Question

    I have a quick plumbing question. I am currently using a Directional U-Tube with a flare nozzle as the return from my sump into my display. I would like to split the flow so I can distribute more evenly to both sides of the aquarium. What do I need to achieve this? My initial thought is a...
  12. guyerson

    An easier way for a H20 change?

    I siphon the water out with 1" hose because it gets the water out in a hurry - then I use a Mag 5 to pump waste water out of the bucket and into the sink - take pre-mixed SW and pump it back into the tank. Fairly easy operation.. Only a few drips here and there. After you do it enough you'll...
  13. guyerson

    what protein skimmers should i avoid

    My suggestion would be the AquaC Remora. It is completely plug and play, great results with zero adjustments..
  14. guyerson

    A beginners question please help

    I assume by trickle sump you mean a wet/dry? In my opinion, the refugium would be best suited for the reef, but you could also incorporate a sump to your reef to keep equipment (skimmer, heaters, etc.) concealed from your display tank and it wouldn't be too costly...
  15. guyerson

    Finicky eating Banggai Cardinal??

    I got mine to start eating with Brine soaked in garlic. Do you know if it is wild caught or not? Tank raised specimens are much hardier and less finicky when it comes to eating.
  16. guyerson

    what fish should I put in my 75n gal tank

    Also, as an alternative to the PJ Cardinals, the Banggai cardinals are very interesting looking fish as well. Just be sure to buy tank raised specimens because wild caught have very poor survival rates. I bought two tank raised Banggai's from this site and am very happy with them.
  17. guyerson

    oceanic vs reef crystals

    I used to use regular Instant Ocean and was having a hard time maintaining my calcium levels so I switched to Oceanic. I've had very good results since I switched. I do a 20% change every two weeks and only dose C-Balance in between to maintain a calcium level of 420. I've not used Reef...
  18. guyerson


    metweezer - what pump is your preskimmer box for? If it is for the MJ1200, let me know if you are looking to get rid of it. Thanks
  19. guyerson

    Bicolor Angel w/ cleaner shrimp?

    Never had a bicolor, but I have a coral beauty and a cleaner shrimp together. The coral beauty is the only fish in my tank that likes to be cleaned.
  20. guyerson

    Bangaii Cardinals in Reef w/ Shrimp

    I have a 75g reef and was thinking about getting a pair of Bangaii Cardinals. I've read that Bangaii Cardinals should be monitored with shrimp. Does this pertain to all species? Here is what is currently in the tank. 2 true percs (mated pair) 3 green chromis 1 royal Gramma 1 firefish 1...