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  1. coloradodeb

    If you are keeping an anemone

    1.LTA 2. 3 years 3. 120 gal 4. MH and actinics 5. krill, frozen various types fish food 6. Tank is over 3 yrs old
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    Interview Advice, please! (Graphics)

    I suggest you either call or email, and just ask for a follow up. I always appreciate this when an employee does the same with me debs
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    Free Package to the 100th post

  4. coloradodeb

    Did I mess up?

    Yes, I have a couple of fish that could/would do such a thing, mainly a yellow tang.......I thank you for the help debs
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    mower won't eat

    Have you tried adding a bit of garlic juice to any of your food? Sure seems that fish love it. My blennie eats everything that I put in the tank.......garlic sure seems to be a favorite around here anyway.............just my 2 cents......... debs
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    Did I mess up?

    :notsure: My feather duster left his tube and did not go back in it. I picked him up and tried to get him to take his tube back but he wouldn't, so I placed him in a small "hole" in a rock , and he is still there....did I screw up?
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    Never ending story...

    and the bristle worms
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    Anyone have a Hawiian Blue Puffer?

    They are fantastic fish with tons of personality. Mine eats anything and right out of my hand too. Gets along with all of its tank mates. Darling fish
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    Never ending story...

    A lone potato chip bag,
  10. coloradodeb

    Never ending story...

    and into a plate of
  11. coloradodeb

    Never ending story...

    fly with purple geese
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    how long with new MH's?

    Oh my gosh.......the green colors that I am seeing with just the actinics are just amazing! I woke my hubby up just to look at them,,,,,,lol.....he was not amused......but I sure was! I can't wait until everything is totally acclimated to the new lights......just wish I would have had the...
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    how long with new MH's?

    Thanks for the help....I don't want to bleach/burn anything so I was a bit wary about overusing them at first, Thanks for your help:joy: deb
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    how long with new MH's?

    Just put up my new lighting system on my 125......instead of VHO's. I now have 3 125 MH with 2 super actinic R flo.. Question is, how long do I leave them on each day till my tank has acclimated? Any help is most certainly welcome Thanks deb
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    Hello from New Mexico...

    Totally off this subject, but how is that tank you were working on.................the totally green one.......... coming out? Seeing any improvement????? thank you
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    first ever top down shots

    Great looking tank, thanks for sharing :joy:
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    I have a bird wrasse that has been with me for several months. VERY active....eats fact anything at all. But it will eat small fish. (warning) you will need to have other fish that are able to grab food quickly..or they may not get enough to eat. Quite the personable...
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    dogfaced puffer

    whi is this grindzgreg anyway???? PLEASE do not take advice from him PLEASE!!!:nope: :scared:
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    psycho Blenny

    Mine eats everything I put in my tank for the other fish!!! He will even swim up to the top to be the first to reach the turkey baster......but he sure seems fat and happy.......Have had him for over 2 yrs.......
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    New Puffer

    My puffer was very inactive for about a week......would not eat flake food at all. He stayed on the bottomof the tank, acting like he was dead, but his eyes would follow me. He started eating like a pig yesterday....finally! Feeding him frozen meaty foods....Don't give up.....he may be shy!