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  1. mjmpinsky

    water PH

    My corals have not been doing well lately. Check of water chemistry - salinity, Amonia, Nitrites and nitrates, would indicate all is OK. Thinking my test kit might be faulty (9 months old), I Brought a sample to LFS which said my ALk was down to 7.8 (vs 8.2-8.4 where it should be). How/Why did...
  2. mjmpinsky

    lighting for corals

    A quick rule of thumb is 2-5 watts/gallon H20. Some corals are low light --> leathers and mushrooms. Others require much more + high flow currents. Corals are expensive. Buy a book and do some reading before you spend your $$$$$. ENJOY!
  3. mjmpinsky

    Clean BioFluff/Ball/Beads????

    Do you have to clean or rinse BioFLuff/BioBeads/BioBalls every so often? I understand the premise of using these materials is to increase surface area for good bacteria to grow. SOme like it, some don't. However, eventually algea or debris will build up in the filter or skimmer and need to be...
  4. mjmpinsky

    Salt on lower exterior

    You may have a small crack in the bottom glass. However, get a light and check the back of the tank. I had the same problem 1 year ago and I tracked it down to a crack in my outside filter. A few drops at a time would leak and I would get salt build up at the front of my tank ( I guess due to...
  5. mjmpinsky

    want clown fish

    The size of your tank will make the difference on how many fish you can get. You need to figure number of fish by their adult fully grown size and not the size at purchase -- quick rule is 1" of fish per 5 gal water. Quick rule: if you want 2 clownfish -- get a pair of the same type and size...
  6. mjmpinsky

    Good vs not-so-good Green Algeas

    Thanks for the response, BUT it did not answer my question. WHich species of green algae are healthy/beneficial for fish to graze off of, and which are not (or simply are a nuisance which fish will just ignore). Still awaiting an answer, or... a website where I can get the answer.
  7. mjmpinsky

    Good vs not-so-good Green Algeas

    I was able to find a website on my own to figure our 4-5 of the six types I see growing. (Searched on NOW......... (OK You techies out there...) Which type of green algae are HEALTHY for fish to eat and which are NOT? Can't find any info on this. Thnaks for the help.
  8. mjmpinsky

    Nuisance Anemone

    You could also try a Foxface butterfly fish. Only problem you may have is that it may decline after al your aptasia are gone (they are finicky as to what they eat). Good Luck. (p.s>>>If you only have a few, you would probably be better off simply killing them with an injection of 0.1-0.2cc of...
  9. mjmpinsky

    Good vs not-so-good Green Algeas

    I have at least six different types of green algae growing in my tank. Can anyone give me a source that will help me identify them and determine which I would want to keep as food (for a bi-color angel I plan to purchase shortly - I was told they require a lot of rock w/algae to constantly graze...
  10. mjmpinsky

    damsel quesion revisited

    Unfortunately, your thoughts are probaby is the Clownfish. I have 3 damsels in my tank. It USED to be four. My Clarkii has gotten quite large and is the definite King of the tank! I am sure it is the cause of the loss of my 4-Stripe and Green Chromis by the bite ratio on the...
  11. mjmpinsky

    pink tip haitian anemone

    Has it shrunk since it started acting as a host? My Clarkii "loved" its first atlantic too death by constantly squshing down into it and stealing the food from its tenticles. It is now doing the same with its replacement. When left alone, the anemone starts filling out again, when the fish is...
  12. mjmpinsky

    Coralline Everywhere!

    YEP.... You are on the right track. I "cured" my outbreak by less light for two weeks + a nitrate scrubber (course granules that you can add to you filter) + a phosphate scrubber (tiny pellets/granules - start off white and three days later are yellow!.. again that you can add to your filter). I...
  13. mjmpinsky

    filament fairy wrasse

    LFS tank had a 3/4" course gravel base. Do you hink that since it couldn't borrow, that it had no choice but to swim all over the place? and... now that it has a more "normal" enviornment, it likes its own "space"? (Good for the fish, but boring for the viewer)
  14. mjmpinsky

    filament fairy wrasse

    On saturday I purchased a FFW at a LFS. It was in a tank by itself and was swimming all around with its dorsal fin extended and looked grandiose! Got it home, aclimated it, and added it to the tank. By later that night it had dug itself a "cave" under a large piece of coral. Sunday it was just...
  15. mjmpinsky

    Pearl Scale Butterfly Fish

    Any info as to the biology/care of a pearl scale butterfly fish? My LFS has a really nice one for sale at $29. It has been there for 2 weeks. I know that some butterflies require special food requirement to stay alive. Any thought on this fish? 65gal w/ 3 damsels, 2 gobies, 1 clarkii w/host...
  16. mjmpinsky

    greenex? in regards to sick fish

    I bought a new bottle about two months ago, so I assume it is still being sold. That noted.....I am not an expert by any stretch, but, I have used it successfully at full strength for ich tx without any noted side effects (and a "cure" in two-three days). The few live corals, my anemone, and...
  17. mjmpinsky

    Black Head Disease

    It is a little late now to ask for a possible cure as I sent my chromis on that one way trip down the procelin whirlpool History.... i had a fairly large blue-green chromis who was happy and healthy till about one month ago, It got into a fight with someone in the tank and had a gouge taken out...
  18. mjmpinsky

    White worm with feelers/antennae from head

    I have noticed a whole bunch of small (biggest was 0.5cm) white worms, with multilpe "legs", with thin antennae/feelers coming from the head. They are only noticed first thing in the morning. When I turn the lights on they quickly go back into hiding. These DO NOT look like bristle worms...
  19. mjmpinsky

    brittle worm

    As long as they stay relatively small they are good sand sifters and detris eaters. However, I have seen pics on this forum of people cleaning out their tanks only to find bristleworms which are almost a foot long. If they get too big, and you want to remove it/them, be sure you remove them with...
  20. mjmpinsky


    I Will need a photo to be certain what you have. However, Aptasia anemones are not timid. This is good as you need them be be "out" to kill them. There are multilpe sites you can go to to see pics of Aptasia. If they are Aptaisa anemones, don't worry. They are weeds, but just like weeds they...