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  1. imbroke

    clown trouble??

    I sorta have the same problem. My clownfish has a gaping mouth that won't close, and some white pots on some parts of his body that are too big to be ich. I looked all over the web to see what kind of disease it is, but I still have no luck.
  2. imbroke

    NJ Residents

    Do you guys no any other lfs around the northern and central nj area?? The only ones that I know of are these: Route 22[Shark Aquarium, Pet Shanty & Ocean Galleries II] & Route 46[Absolutely Fish & Reef Central?]. Are there any others? Thanks
  3. imbroke

    Anyone in NJ trading?

    I'm from jersey city also, but i just started a reef tank. its only about two months old.
  4. imbroke

    too much pods

    i'm interested too!! shpanks!!
  5. imbroke

    too much pods

    i want some pods =(.. my tank doesnt seem to have any
  6. imbroke

    Valentini Puffer help

    oh yea and im putting a fuge at the end of the week to keep my nitrates down
  7. imbroke

    Valentini Puffer help

    I've had this valentini puffer for two months now. He's been healthy and eating well since I got him until recently. He wont eat for 4 days now and just lays on rocks. My water has 0 ammonia, 0 ites and 20 ates. Any advice?
  8. imbroke

    Sea monkeys!!

    fish will have a happy time eating them
  9. imbroke

    Dead Shark Egg?

    it doesnt even seem like theres anything there. its just hollow.
  10. imbroke

    Dead Shark Egg?

    no it doesnt move.
  11. imbroke

    Dead Shark Egg?

    I got a shark egg two weeks ago. When I checked on it today, I realized that water could seep in and out of the egg. There were two holes on the egg. If I take it out of the water, water comes out. If I put it back in, it floats until water could get inside and makes it sink. Has the egg...
  12. imbroke

    Fluval 404 Canister Filter For Sale $50.

    how old is the unit? is it complete?
  13. imbroke

    Fluval 404 Canister Filter For Sale $50.

    how much is shipping?
  14. imbroke


    googlewack is a term where one result shows up when you put in keywords in google.
  15. imbroke

    bunch of stuff for sale/long island N.Y.

    how much for the fluvals?
  16. imbroke

    Moonlight Wavelength Question

    i found a diy moonlight kit for 99 cent at eeekbay. i'm thinking of getting it.
  17. imbroke

    Fudge Advice

    I'm planning on building a fudge for my 72 gallon tank. What size should the fudge be in gallons because I have limited space in my stand? Also what does having 3 buffers an inch apart from one another do?
  18. imbroke

    Valentini Puffer Question

    Is it possible to put two valentini puffers in the same tank?
  19. imbroke

    new jersey live rock?

    njfish do you mind emailing me the link for the site? i need about 20 more pounds of live rock for my 72 gallon. My email is . Thanks!
  20. imbroke

    new jersey live rock?

    The cheapest rocks I have found around here are about $6 a pound of fiji live rocks at pet shanty. It's off of route 22 west in scotch plains. I'm fairly new at the hobby and thats the cheapest i've found so far.