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  1. symon

    Id Help Please!!!

    Looks like a purple pimple mushroom to me, but the other i think is a manjo, do a google on both. If it is a manjo kill it!
  2. symon

    Refugium Info

    WEll i guess that's fair! i have a 75 gal reef, runing about 1060 watts of halide, daylights and atinics Remora skimmer, penguin 400 for mechanical filtration, 4 1200 maxi jets setup on my reefkeeper II. I also have a 55 out in the garage i use for mixing my water for water changes, i plan on...
  3. symon

    Refugium Info

    I need to come up with some good info for a Refugium, any help , greatly appreciated.
  4. symon

    Major Loss Today.........87*!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Man, that just aint right! I have a reefkeeper II to take care of my lighting, Just can't trust anything else! Get well soon! As we are all just sick for your loses!
  5. symon

    Building extravagent stand.

    more to finish it off. I designed mine to come apart , i can take the hood off and the sides off, to get them out of the way for any work that needs to be done, also i built in side doors so i can reach the sides of the tank for cleaning/working now if i can just get my t5 lighting going i can...
  6. symon

    Building extravagent stand.

    You did a very nice job there! Very ornate! Here's mine!
  7. symon

    So very irritated right now.

    this is on the front? if it bothers you, turn the tank around!
  8. symon

    i want smaller peices of live rock

    Originally Posted by florida joe now you tell me my jack hammer kept tripping my gfi when i used it in my tank LOL Darwin will love that one!
  9. symon

    Flood! Help!

    i would think you could go rent a carpet cleaner and use it to suck that water up and clean out the salt residue? As far as the wall , you may have to redo the texture and paint!
  10. symon

    Need Much Help and Suggestions

    weather you like the look of these critters or not, the differant types of hermits , snails ect have differant advantages. So i guess that's the real point, diversity is the key that goes for you fish too! Once you have the proper balance with your critters your tank will almost take care of...
  11. symon

    What is this?

    Just in case it is bubble alge start a siphon , as you pop it allow the siphon to pull anything that may be in that bubble out of the tank! Better safe then sorry
  12. symon

    has anyone heard of this

    i have not heard of it, but anything like this will need maintenance no matter what they say! But it sounds like a RO system to me
  13. symon

    Canopy Pics

    1 more pic! Hope this helps
  14. symon

    Canopy Pics

    LOL i think i still have pics of what i did! I built my canopy so i could fit my pc combo intact, i want to upgrade that lighting also and use the pc combo on another tank!
  15. symon

    Does anyone use a wavemaker?

    I use a reefkeeper II it has a wavemaker built into it, also a bit pricey but it works great!
  16. symon

    New tank setup second times the charm

    take the crushed coral out and the airstone, use some live sand, marine tanks don't need an airstone, you circulate the water causing the surface tension to break which brings air into you water, if i am not mistake an air stone can actually harm marine fish
  17. symon

    Bad Hair Algae Problem

    Remember you are trying to emulate a normal daytime schedual, 10-12 hours is way to long! Water changes, cut back on lighting and feeding will help considerably. Sea hares do a great job , But as mentioned above you will need to remove them. But it seems you have other issues, get some real test...
  18. symon

    Lil Help Please!!!

    Originally Posted by spacepolice05 Today I purchased a brain coral that was receeding, not very bad, but doing so none the less. The LFS had told me that it COULD repair itself in my tank. I have never been steared wrong by the LFS and they aren't trying to just sell me things. Any questions I...
  19. symon

    New to all of this | Advice?

    Originally Posted by vision619 Hey there. My name is Mike. Just bought a setup yesterday. It's my first so I am wondering what I should fill it with. I am not really into reefs right now, mostly fish. Here's what I have thus far: 60 Gallon Cube Remora Pro Skimmer Cascade Filter 1200 Heater...