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    Explain where your user name originated

    Mukiwa - what part of SA? <- check out the avatar....
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    IMHO - don't get an elegant/elegance coral. They (generally) have poor survival rates in home aquariums. Muchrooms are OK. So are things like cabbage corals, spaghetti corals, anything soft should be ok now. Althought some do require stronger lighting than others. I don't really see a...
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    100% water change?

    If an expert - or anyone for that matter- tells you ANYTHING is a must in a tank (besides water) then don't listen to them. The best thing about this hobby (IMO) is that things can and are done successfully in many different ways. Sand is OK(ssb & dsb), so is BB, starboard, CC, rock. There are...
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    Combining live sand with playsand

    play sand first, live sand on top. As for the amount of sand, I need to know the depth you're looking for and the dimensions of your tank. If you go to garf <dot> org, they have calculators that will help you with the amount of sand you need.
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    How Much Mh For A 75

    Having a 75 with acros and clams, I can say two 175W bulbs will do. However, if I could do it again I would go with 250 HQIs. Also, I have 2 3' VHO actinics FWIW. To give you a straight answer, I say 2 250W HQI 10K with 2 actinic VHO supplements. If you have the money and the space, do 2 250...
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    what would happen???

    Why would you want to take such a risk with a living thing? They may only be fish, but they are living breathing things. Your care for them should not be taken lightly. That's like saying, "I'm going to have a baby. Now I know that drugs and drnking is bad for pregnant women, but if there's...
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    Carribean play sand???

    Use 2" PVC. Get a length of it that's longer than the depth of your tank. Then pour the sand in the top, and target where you want it. This method is a little tricky if you're by yourself, but it works very well for keeping the storm down.
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    Carribean play sand???

    You know what, you're right spline... Don't know what the heck I was thinking. Too much work and not enough tank time I guess. OK, that being said - I have no clue why Bang wants the sandstorm....:confused: Sorry!:rolleyes:
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    how do i catch him

    Here's a quick drawing of what I mean....
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    how do i catch him

    if you have space do the coke bottle trick.... Take a 2 liter coke bottle, and cut the top off about 1/3 of the way down. now turn the bottle around so the cap is facing the bottom 2/3. drill or poke a hole in the cap and another in the bottom of the bottom 2/3. Then tie a knot on one end of...
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    Help! My powerhead is a killer!!

    go to deathco and get some prefilter sponges. They make them in big pads for canister filters. Then just cut to size and secure with a rubber band. Not the prettiest, but it will keep your fish alive. Then find out the company that makes the PHs either contact them or post the name here and...
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    moving from 55gal to 125 gal

    What are you doing with the livestock in the current 55? And, what kind of livestock? If I remeber it's a FOWLR right? If so, you can get away without recycling. It's like doing a 60% water change. Fish may be stressed for a week or two, but the bacteria and all will catch up. Just make...
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    Carribean play sand???

    Using the plastic does help. It still creates a small sand storm, but it clears up in a day or two. As for the sandstorm, I'm guessing that Bang is suggestiong the sandstorm so that the finer particles are on top and the larger pieces stay near the bottom. (Ultimately causing areas for...
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    Carribean play sand???

    Just a quick tip... Either put the sand in first and cover it with plastic, or use PVC to put the sand in the tank. If you dump it right in, you'll get foam and a sandstorm for about 2 weeks.....
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    sand bed

    Let's skip back to square on for a second. What type of tank, and what is your livestock like. Also, dsb or ssb. And, rich - play sand is about 5 bucks for 50 lbs. Given it would take some time to get seeded from the LR, but I just put in all southdown and I have tons of life in my sandbed...
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    sand bed

    You don't need to clean it. Just put it into your tank. And, if you're getting LR and want to keep cost down, you don't NEED live sand. The rock will seed the sand pretty quickly.
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    Anyone in NJ trading?

    sounds good. easiest way to reach me is e-mail ghreef@optonline <dot> net.
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    Anyone in NJ trading?

    bot and latino - I have zoos and leathers available now. I'm growing out some acros, and have contacts to get lots of other stuff. Le me know what you're looking for.
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    signed books

    Just sent e-mails to streetdoc and yellowtail. Let me know if you don't get them.. Sorry about the late response I've been busy with MACNA related stuff.
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    Next Fish

    benr - my first suggestion is to figure out what you want in the tank. Make a list of everything you want to end up with in the tank. Then eliminate all the fish that don't go well together. Then add fish based on leastt aggressive first. I only say this because a clownfish is a type of...