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  1. fishieness

    Is this a seaba clown and is this a condy it's hosting?

    it's a condy with a clarkii. Clarkiis and sebaes are actually different, although they are often sold as the same fish. The easiest way to tell is clarkiis have 3 stripes and sebaes have 2.
  2. fishieness

    can someone id this clam??

    squamosas have a few different common patterns. But that is absolutely a maxima. No doubt.
  3. fishieness

    Salifert Flatworm Exit

    I used it last night. Worked great. If you want to treat separately in a bucket, use revive. It works great and it a hell of a lot cheaper. But I certainly wouldnt dose it in your system. Haha. I didn't have tons, but within a few minutes they started falling off the rocks. I sucked up all...
  4. fishieness

    Will this sps be okay....................

    itll regrow and be fine.
  5. fishieness

    SPS in 10 gallon

    You should be fine. Make sure they get a lOT of flow. They shield them selves and therefore, need more flow than other sps in order to keep reach the inside of the corals. Just about every large colony you will see will have a dead center because of this. If you can get your hands on a PAR meter...
  6. fishieness

    A few pictures

    Originally Posted by Brokendeck Very very nice tank. Whats the white light under the rock in the middle of the tank? It's just a barespot of sand that reflected back into the camera. flower: I am not having real problems. I used to have two more powerheads on a wavemaker instead of the hydor...
  7. fishieness

    A few pictures

    Hey everyone, I know. I just posted pictures not too long ago. But I just upgraded to t5s and gotta show the colors! I have a 24" tek light on my 20" tank. I just made some legs with PVC. I was running a aquablue+, 2 ATI blue+, and a figi purple. I just switched out the aquablue+ for...
  8. fishieness

    help.. my blue hippo is eating my snails

    Originally Posted by lion_crazz I have actually heard of this. A good friend of mine actually traded his hippo into his LFS because it was wiping out his clean-up crew. Another friend of mine got rid of his sailfin and foxface because he saw both of them rip at his corals multiple times...
  9. fishieness

    EPCOT CENTER Calcium 750 ppm

    nat's right. It will start percipitating at that point. It will depend what your Alk, pH, and Mag is as to weather or not your tank will be completely white or not. However, levels that high will have at least some percipitate, and will build up on pumps and in your skimmer and reduce...
  10. fishieness

    Acropora turning white

    Originally Posted by Stanlalee he said the lower part of the coral turned white. I've seen corals bleach but never a section at a time. tissue necrosis happens just as described. usually from the bottom and works its way up. You're right. It does. But colonies also commonly bleach at the...
  11. fishieness

    What do you feed your tank?

    Filter feeders such as some sea fans/gorgonians, bivalves, and tube worms will benefit form it. But something like live phytoplankton would be more beneficial to all. It's crap, IMO. I have a 10 gallon tank with mainly sps and a good number of lps, and some zoos. I feed: baby brine shrimp...
  12. fishieness

    Can I divide the bag?

    Originally Posted by keeshcarm . Is there any reason why I can't use nylons, knee highs, pantyhose? : Haha. Something like that should be fine. Just make sure there aren't runs in them.
  13. fishieness

    my corals are dieing and nothing is wrong!

    where did you have the corals in the tank and what where they under at the LFS. COuld also be light acclimation. How long did you have them for?
  14. fishieness

    Can I divide the bag?

    what brand is this? Of course you can divide it, but make sure to use a bag/filter with a similar pore size and just in case, I would be carful about handling what is inside if you dont know what it is.
  15. fishieness

    Berlin Turbo Protein Skimmer

    I've used one at work and have been impressed with it for what the old berlins did. The new NW turbo isn't great, but it's not horrid. Still a few levels above a seaclone, IME.
  16. fishieness

    Berlin Turbo Protein Skimmer

    How dry are you skimming? Depending on your system, you could definitely get more than that, but not necessarily. If you skim dry, or have a lot of build-up on the neck and riser, you aren't going to really get any skimmate. Do you usually have increased skimming once the cup and neck are...
  17. fishieness

    Acropora turning white

    Originally Posted by Stanlalee turning white= dead. fading colors you might have polyp extension or you may have zero polyp extension and browning. those are still alive. no color aka turning white= snap if off and hope the remainder survives. S/RTN and bleaching are two very different...
  18. fishieness

    New chillie coral

    wrong forum :P But good luck with it. Definitely make sure to feed it a lOT!
  19. fishieness

    Can I get an I.d.

    stylophora pistillata
  20. fishieness

    SPS Success With Just T5s

    Originally Posted by spankey I used to run halides until I went T5 and I will never go back. Here are some shots of mine under 6 bulbs over my 75g.... Better light coverage for the watts used and less light. Unbelievable par if you get the right bulbs too. Plus you can change the color of...