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  1. justinx

    solve my dissapearing water mystery

    I feel with you . . . . I had the same EXACT problem in my old tank where I would top off with the same amount on a daily basis, salinity stayed constant. And yet still, somehow . . . my water level still seemed to drop. Never figured it out though.
  2. justinx

    brittle star crawled into protein skimmer!

    I have to agree, remove it from the skimmer. These are some of the more delicate animals of the oceans and are to be treated as such. A tank that just finished cycling a month ago seems awful young IMO for a starfish. But . . . How did you go about acclimating it and how did the acclimation...
  3. justinx

    Maxi-jet 900 or 1200?

    I would stick with the 900.
  4. justinx

    Johnthefb--leather ?

    I think that you and I have the same purpose here. I think that I plan to leave the base where it is and attach the head to a new rock in the tank. Perhaps one that is more mobile so that I can trade it. Justin
  5. justinx

    5th All Ohio Frag Swap

    Man . . . . . Why not Toledo? I could make it to Toledo, but not columbus. I wish a frag swap happened here in MI. Justin
  6. justinx


    Send me an email when you get a chance. I just noticed that we are basically the same age. I thought that you were a lot older for some reason. We should get together for a beer sometime and talk reefs.
  7. justinx

    Johnthefb--leather ?

    Hey buddy . . . that was MY post. He cant answer you. Just kidding . . . . i am really curious about this as well because I plan to do it this weekend. Justin
  8. justinx

    LOL a 6-pack for everyone that are hungry

    I wonder what he was doing before he took those pictures . . . . . Hmmm . . . fritos . . . . fruit loops . . . . . sprite . . . . .tastycakes . . . . . frenchbread pizza . . . . sprite . . :rolleyes: ;) The tomatoes dont really fit, but its a ploy to throw us all off! Just Kidding Justin
  9. justinx

    Problems with a Leather

    Thanks all . . . surgery is scheduled for saturday morning . . . . . 9:00 a.m. Justin
  10. justinx

    5th All Ohio Frag Swap

    uhhh . . . . . .where in Ohio?
  11. justinx

    Problems with a Leather

    well . . . perhaps some clarification is needed here. The coral is capable of holding itself upright, it is not limp. However, it does so at an odd angle. The stalk has two 90 bends in it basically. One right at the base, and another about 3/4 the way up the stalk. It is by no means resting...
  12. justinx

    Problems with a Leather

    Well first off, I bought this leather about 5 months ago and it has caused me nothing but problems. I actually want the thing out of my system but I dont know what to do with it. I cant just throw it away. Anyway, so the latest problem is that the stalk is too tall for the coral and it cant...
  13. justinx

    Refractometer Users

    I use the salinity side of it, and I shoot for 1.025. But this also correlates with the 35ppt. So I guess I use both really. I think that the ppt is just a more accurate method of measurement. Justin
  14. justinx

    RO Re-mineralization?

    Originally posted by Bang Guy No need to re-mineralize RO water for saltwater use. Aragamight is not a very efficient method of adding Ca and ALK but it will add some. Thats pretty much what I thought too, and I think that you and I had a conversation quite some time ago about...
  15. justinx

    RO Re-mineralization?

    I was at a very reputable LFS today when one of the employees had asked me if I remineralize my RO water before using it. I said no and she told me that tap water would be better because it still has minerals in it? I said what about phosphates and silicates and she agreed that these are bad...
  16. justinx

    snail ID please

    fighting or queen conch. Dont know which one, but I do know that the queen conch can grow to over a foot in length. Both are good snails. Jusitn
  17. justinx

    No Power

    Well, as long as the temp holds out, you can stir the tank with a bug spoon and aerate the water with an air stone by blowing through it. I kept my reef stable for two days during the midwest black out. If I were you, use the car battery for minimal usage, such as the heater at night or...
  18. justinx

    Substrate options

    I personally didnt vote, but my opinion is that bare bottom tanks look unnatural. As far as covering the bottom with corals . . . . well, just find 64IVY and ask him how it turned out. I think that sand on the bottom is a necessity IMO. Shallow or deep. I have a shallow sand bed and it works...
  19. justinx

    cheap way to make a stand ?

    Alright . . . . here is the scoop. First off, I must say, read it completely, then think about for a minute before you decide if its for you or not. I took measurements of the foot print of my tank. 24" x 12" (22gallons) I then went to Home Depot and got cinder blocks and a sheet of plywood...
  20. justinx

    Is this the proper way to wire my workhorse 5 with my PCs?

    Ok . . . try this. Imagine that each of the big red blobs is a wire nut. Basically what you are doing is making each bulb a two pin bulb by wiring each side of the bulbs two pins together into one lead instead of two. from there, the schematic from the company dhould make more sense. If you...