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  1. howiet4702

    free coral

    Originally Posted by Mr_X serious. no shipping, but you are welcome to some. I can use some more The ones I got from you 2 months ago are doing great!
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    crazy X is having a sale!!!!!!

    bump for a great seller i brought some xenia and the large piece of rock with various zoas and palys.. they are doing awesome....looking to get some more things from Mr. X....
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    email sent
  4. howiet4702

    Ric pack coming up.

    another bump for a great seller! I received my rics yesterday and they look awesome. They look amazing under just the blue lights at night. I had a ton of questions for Mike and he answered everyone. I will certainly be buying more. Thanks Mike!
  5. howiet4702

    what protein skimmers should i avoid

    I have the Octopus HOB. Skims like there is no tomorrow....Very good skimmer
  6. howiet4702

    Ric pack

    i would love to get on the next list as well. They look amazing. Please let me know what you need. Thanks.
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    blue shrooms

    Originally Posted by nwdyr i really dont want to sell the ric yet because it is starting to split but in a effort to fund another project I would take 35 for it If no one takes it, how much to ship to 19053? Thanks, Howard
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    Getting new reef lighting- which is better??

    Checking on ----, I have a chance to get either one of these today: However, I dont know which one I should get. Both are much better than the lights i currently have. Which one should i get: Current USA Orbit Compact 2 x 96 watts or T-5 4 x 39 watts Both are pretty much the same price: I...
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    WTB 36" T 5 light fixture

    Please let me know if anyone has a 36" t5 fixture for sale. I am looking to buy ASAP. Thanks, Howard
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    Lighting for Oak Colored Tank

    I want and need a new lighting system for my tank. I want to keep basic corals but I know they single strip light i have is no good. i have the oak colored single strip light on my tank now. (Perfecto ?) So, I can buy the triple strip light (75 W total) or I prefer getting T 5 lights...
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    New to this..Aquarium Lighting

    Pretty much basic stuff, possibly intermediate corals. The depth is approx- 20-22" from the top of the water to the bottom of the gravel.
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    New to this..Aquarium Lighting

    Hello all, I have a 45 gallon high tank and I need some new lighting in order to keep some basic corals. The total length of the tank is 36". Right now I have the oak colored basic hood type design that came with the tank. Right now I have the 20,000K coral life bulb and I know it is not even...
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    consolidation/breakdown in paoli, pa. (19301)

    Nice- I actually live in Feasterville. Do you still have that large piece still available? If not, we can look at something different. Thanks.
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    consolidation/breakdown in paoli, pa. (19301)

    also interested in the ...."approximate 10+ pound piece of live rock with over 40 red mushrooms and about 20 red sea xenia colonies on it for 50 bucks" I live in Bucks County, PA Thanks, Howard
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    $10 toadstools

    i would like 3 if you still have that many available. I sent you an email. Thanks, Howard
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    Free GSP frag* Free shipping!

    Originally Posted by majormaz Do you have an email? yes...can u PM me? or not enough posts yet..
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    Free GSP frag* Free shipping!

    i am in....what site though???
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    Octopus BH-100 SS Skimmer Help

    thanks everyone. I finally did get it straightend out but it did take a little time for it to get adjusted. And yes, the sheet it came with is worthless. Thanks again!!
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    Octopus BH-100 SS Skimmer Help

    Hello everyone, I have been searching on these forums for a few weeks now and I have read so much useful info. I just received my skimmer today and there is a instruction sheet that I do not understand at all. Does anyone own this that has seen real instructions for me to follow? I never had a...