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  1. jennythebugg

    Some of my beautiful fish ! Warning Photo Heavy.

    totally looks like he is mugging for the camera ! beautiful pics !
  2. jennythebugg

    old members?

    hello all !!! long time no see ! just checking in , it is verrrry quiet around here now isn't it ? lol
  3. jennythebugg


    Quote: Originally Posted by 2Quills Your missing link....
  4. jennythebugg


    im not the biggest wf fan but i think its great when anyone does something for the greater good
  5. jennythebugg


    that is awesome
  6. jennythebugg

    Anyone else Roomba?

    i want a roomba is yours one of the newer ones that finds its docking station on its own? how does it work on pet hair?
  7. jennythebugg

    my kitty is no longer ''GRANDFATHERED'' in ?

    hows this one ?
  8. jennythebugg

    my kitty is no longer ''GRANDFATHERED'' in ?

    yah it does look kinda dirty
  9. jennythebugg

    my kitty is no longer ''GRANDFATHERED'' in ?

    awwww mannn guess it's avatar shopping 4 me and prolly a few other folks too. any suggestions for a new one?
  10. jennythebugg

    California surfer films great white sharks circling his board.... CREEPY!

    Quote: Originally Posted by socal57che The headline could have easily read... "Idiot Surfer Eaten By Great White Sharks While Attempting To Film Them" lolol
  11. jennythebugg

    New Pictures of Madeline

    wow she is really gorgeous and mrdc is right she looks really alert , sorry the healing is so rough on you my friend
  12. jennythebugg

    Greatest discovery of our time?

    i think he needs to change his shorts now
  13. jennythebugg

    soooooo, the new board launches tomorrow!

    so we r counting down ? what midnight ?
  14. jennythebugg


    clowns... terrified of them
  15. jennythebugg Commercial

    ric maniac maybe ?
  16. jennythebugg

    VOTE for me please =)

    done ! nice pic
  17. jennythebugg

    Almost a cop.

    OH YAY ! Congrats!!!!
  18. jennythebugg