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  1. rackyrane

    I must admit I am saddened about this. I have bought things from SWF and will again. I have posted on several of the forums as well. I really enjoyed the classifieds because I could find corals there that I have no chance of getting locally. Our local reefing community is not active at all...
  2. rackyrane

    zoa and hitchers

    I would not put that zoo frag in my DT. The spiders that you saw are probably not all of them. I would put that frag in a QT for about three months before possibly infecting the DT. Search this site for lengthy threads about spiders and how to get rid of them. Those little suckers can wipe...
  3. rackyrane

    zoa frags

    E-mailed you.
  4. rackyrane

    Any fraggers near Wichita, KS?

    Check out the KC area. It's only about 3 hours away and there are several stores there. I have even seen some posters here from KC and some of them seem to have sweet set ups. Don't know how you feel about the drive, but you could make a day of it. I used to live in KC and have been told...
  5. rackyrane

    Good LFS in San Diego?

  6. rackyrane

    Good LFS in San Diego?

    Hey all, My family and I are planning a trip to sunny California again, but this time to San Diego. Could anyone point me to a few good LFS there? I always see the amazing stuff that people post from the stores where they live and I am so jealous! We rarely get much good stuff, especially...
  7. rackyrane

    Giving up I think.......

    Aqua C has a nano skimmer that I have on my 12 gallon aquapod. Works great and my parameters are always spot on. You may be able to order one online if your LFS doesn't have one.
  8. rackyrane

    anyone know waht kind of starfish??...

    Thanks Ophiura! Will look closer at that colony.
  9. rackyrane

    Snail Eggs

    Let me guess--you have nerite snails? I have these in my tank and they lay eggs EVERYWHERE. Very common for them to lay eggs, but they don't hatch out.
  10. rackyrane

    anyone know waht kind of starfish??...

    Alyssia, Do you think mine may have just developed a taste for zoos or could it be that these guys are related? I have always heard/seen that they are ok too, so I didn't bother them until recently. My tank doesnt' have much algae, so maybe they are just hungry?
  11. rackyrane

    anyone know waht kind of starfish??...

    Watch that guy though. I have some that are pink on top and they are eating my zoos. I have actually had zoos disappearing so I started looking for predators (had zoo spiders about a year ago--thank goodness I licked them). I saw these starfish on the rock and pulled one off--the little...
  12. rackyrane

    ID please

    I agree it's an asterina. I have some like that that have six legs. I have some pink on the top ones that are attacking my zoanthids, so I am getting rid of them in my tank.
  13. rackyrane

    Please ID

    Don't know for sure, but it looks like algae---? grape cuelerpa? My husband has some green grape cuelerpa that looks a bit like that. I don't know if bubble algae comes in red, but it looks a bit like that as well. Hopefully someone will answer that knows for sure. Good luck!
  14. rackyrane

    Ricordia frag time is near!

    I received my rics yesterday. They are awesome! They look even better in person. The shipping was perfect and the rics weren't even stressed. They opened right up and look great in my tank. Buy these rics guys! Thanks again.
  15. rackyrane

    Ordering corals over the web sucks

    mscarpena, don't feel bad or alone. I found out about a vendor who sells zoos for a great price. Won't go into a long story, but bought from him once and stuff died shortly after arrival. Told him and he sent replacement "with next order". Got over $100 of stuff next and the overnight...
  16. rackyrane

    Corals in New Mexico

    Hi, I am in the Albuquerque area. PM me and maybe I can help you out.
  17. rackyrane

    ID Please - What is growing in my Zoos?

    Looks like a sponge. I have some pink sponge growing just like this on one of my zoo frags. So far, it has not done any harm to the zoo.
  18. rackyrane

    stay at home fathers...

    Renogaw, I have a different perspective. My husband stays home with the kids. I have a great job and make good money. When we moved last, my husbands job wouldn't transfer so we decided that he should stay home with the kids. It was a great decision for us. I never have to worry about...
  19. rackyrane

    Ricordia frag time is near!

    Please put me in line also! I love your rics and missed out on the last ones. Thanks.
  20. rackyrane

    Girlfriend 3g tank

    I have a three gallon tank also. It takes a bit more work but is quite easy once set up. I just do water changes every two weeks and top off weekly. Makes a great addition to my desk at the office.