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  1. schneidts

    American Idol Winner?

    You're way off.
  2. schneidts

    why does it seem people are unhappy these days

    Aww Windmill, turn that frown upside down J/K. Seriously though, don't watch tv. Make a plan to change career paths...aim for one where you can work in a rural setting or possibly from home. I know easier said than done, but if you hate people, than try to find a way to live your life without...
  3. schneidts

    Horse washer broke.

    I'm not an expert. If you smelled smoke, it doesn't spin and the motor's running, then odds are (if the belts not broken which I seriously doubt) that the clutch has burnt out. HTH Tiz.
  4. schneidts

    My Dog

    I'm very sorry for your loss...
  5. schneidts

    Heroes tonight..***

    No problems here, either. It was a good episode, you can go watch it on
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    Happy Birthday!!!

    Happy Birthday...hope you have an awesome one!
  7. schneidts

    unwanted room mates!

    Very cool. Did you contact the Colorado Division of Wildlife? Maybe they can come get them or instuct you on what to do? There may be regulations against weaning them yourself. I know here in upstate NY, some people took in some baby opossums that were orpahaned. Well word got out to the...
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    Any beachcombers in Florida?

    Here is a link to a google image search reslult:
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    American Idol Winner?

    Originally Posted by Torno Phil looks like batboy from the tabloids... I think he looks like Nosferatu...
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    buying a penguin

    Call the US fish and wildlife service directly for answers to your questions on obtaining a pet penguin. 1-800-358-2104. I'm sure they will be very helpful. Let us know what they have to say. ***)
  11. schneidts

    Any beachcombers in Florida?

    Originally Posted by Bang Guy Would anyone be willing to gather some Mangrove Propagules for me? Isn't that illegal?
  12. schneidts

    for the guitar players out there

    I used to know how to play that one pretty well, but it's been a loooong time. I had a friend who would buy every guitar book out there. I borrowed the Tesla book from him for a while...I think it was 5 man acoustical jam or something like that.
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    Would you?

    Just a really slow drip...
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    Tribond...Let's play!

    Right, #1 is Newton.
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    Tribond...Let's play!

    Originally Posted by ruaround Woodrow Wilson... D'oh!
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    Tribond...Let's play!

    Originally Posted by katiev Question: President of Princeton University * Governor of New Jersey * President of the United States (Category: Academics.) Question: Hawaiian * Fruit * Uppercut (Category: Wordplay.) Question: Sucker * Sunday * Haymaker (Category: Sports.) FDR Punch Something to...
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    Originally Posted by Phixer I always though you attracted more flies with dog sh** probably why the controversial threads are so much fun IMO. Its amusing to watch how some folks try to influence the moderators by playing a subtle game of patronization and suck up attempting to...
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    paypal help

    Originally Posted by thirty6 my account is setup, or so i thought. i went to pay for something on auction site, by using credit card through paypal. It automatically sent me to a screen that requested bank account number and routing number. Why is that, i was going to pay with credit card? im...
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    Tribond...Let's play!

    Originally Posted by katiev Nope. All have platforms.