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  1. btldreef

    It's been awhile

    LOL You're grandson is adorable :) Daddy said she's not allowed to date, EVER. The village is still fighting us. Ultimately they will give in or at the very least spend a lot of money to rewrite their law because the way it is currently written is discriminatory. We have a huge ace in our...
  2. btldreef

    It's been awhile

    Hi all! I still lurk in the background and delete spam but haven't posted in a while. My little monster keeps my busy (can you believe she's 20m already?!?) and I've returned to work. I've also been in the process of trying to help my husband open a tattoo study in our local village as well as...
  3. btldreef

    Regarding Acan LED's

    It's really all personal preference on look. My suggestion is to start the whites low and gradually increase intensity. The Acabs are great lights :-)!
  4. btldreef

    New aquarium

    Quote: Originally Posted by shobby Just wondering if anyone has experience and may help me. I have a 55 gallon reef, getting a used 120. I want to put the bigger one in the spot that I have the 55 now. How do I go about doing this? You know, pulling fish, setting up new one, replacing...
  5. btldreef

    HELP!!! My brain is dying

    It could be the alkalinity.
  6. btldreef

    Live rock shipping delay

    Regardless of how long it sits, you would have to run a full cycle and recure it so it really shouldn't matter. I would speak with whomever you ordered it from as far as their shipping fees. Good luck
  7. btldreef

    Another Flame Angel for Reef Tank Thread

    IMO, flame angels are one of the good ones. They're almost always reef safe especially if they're fed a proper diet of algae, etc. As long as you feed them well (algae sheets, mysis shrimp) they'll usually leave corals alone. While in QT, test them with a few small frags of corals and see how...
  8. btldreef

    Sump pump flow question.

    I'd run an 800+ depending on the brand pump
  9. btldreef

    Lymphocystis infecting two out of 15 fish

    I've had fish with lympho and they've never scratched or had numerous patches. Are these guys newer to the tank? Is it possible that both ich AND lympho are going on? If they have ich, it could would make lympho appear it they had that virus as well. You can add vitamins straight to the water...
  10. btldreef

    Can different kind of cardinals school together?

    I would not suggest mixing bangaii's and spotted pj cardinals. PJ cardinals are much more timid and tend to be bullied by bangaii's
  11. btldreef

    Could you all help me out with something?

    I just wanted to thank all of you who took the time to sign the petition. It really means a lot to me. Tomorrow night we will be presenting our formal proposal before the village board. Keep your fingers crossed!
  12. btldreef

    Clownfish eating brain!?

    I owned a clown once that ate, yes ATE any LPS or zoanthids that I had in my tank. I had to keep it in an SPS only tank. You can try increasing feedings, but most of the time they just do it out of habit and because it's "fun" and won't stop
  13. btldreef

    ammonia in my RO water

    WOW! Bang Guy is right, even a cheap RO unit usually lowers the ppm by less than 40. My lame API tap water filter does better than that. Granted, my tap water TDS reading is only 100 give or take. How many stages is your unit? I know people that live in areas with really crappy water quality...
  14. btldreef

    Brown jelly disease?

    Usually with brown jelly disease you can actually see the corals "puking" brown jelly like substance. I had it happen to my euphyllias. WAS NOT FUN. What coral is that and how long did you have it? From the picture, it looks like a fox coral to me, but I can't tell for sure, looking at it on my...
  15. btldreef

    Refugium Question

    Quote: Originally Posted by SnakeBlitz33 red algaes actually prefer a lot of blue light, since they live in deeper water. Green algaes prefer red/yellow/orange spectrum since they live in a lot shallower water depths. Red algae stays red because of the blue light that it absorbs. It can not...
  16. btldreef

    Refugium Question

    I said it was a lighting issue from the beginning
  17. btldreef

    Leaving my wife in charge of the tank.

    Even though your tang is mid-hypo treatment, I wouldn't be expecting her to have to change the salinity of the QT tank, just leave it as it is. Just make sure she stays on top of top offs. You could also make her an account here just in case she has any questions and we can help her out. Update...
  18. btldreef

    Did you forget?

    As a NY'er I'll never forget.
  19. btldreef

    Branching montipora bleaching

    Any updates?
  20. btldreef

    Green Bubble Anemone under rock ledge

    Personally, I don't like those lights. I know they say "reef capable", but they're really not capable of high light demanding corals and anemones.