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  1. mylady

    What are these, eggs?

    Hi there everyone, long time no talk. Since my husband has been barred from posting here, I have to do this. Our tank is in flux with algea growth and cyno. We are trying to battle it as best we can with water changes and a GFO reactor. All our fish are doing fine and all inverts are fine...
  2. mylady

    question about clams

    Thanks, I will let my hubby know as his ability seems to have been removed from this site.
  3. mylady


    I have to say I am really disappointed with our last fish order experience. We had ordered previously and a good protion of the order arrived deceased or almost deceased. This time hubby wanted to surprise me with a green mandarin. He also ordered peppermint shrimp and an emerald crab. One...
  4. mylady

    fat blenny

    My one spot blenny has what looks like a beer gut. He has quite a belly on him. Is this normal? He acts fine, does it mean he's eating too much? Should I be concerned?
  5. mylady

    When Huskies Explode

    Quote: Originally Posted by meowzer How could you say that....I love my PUG DOG....LOL And 1guydude.....+ A MILLION on the shedding thing.,....LOL Yup, the shorter the fur, the shorter the life cycle of each hair and the more frequently it needs to be replaced. Hence, more shedding! Our pug...
  6. mylady

    When Huskies Explode

    Well, here is one I just did that tried to eat me, but I got him done and left in one piece. Hadn't been groomed since I did him last August.
  7. mylady

    Bragging about my wife

    Quote: Originally Posted by DragonZim Down here on LI, she could probably charge around $200 or so for a cake like that. Not sure what the market is like up where you are in NY My wife spent about 10 hours on that Shea Stadium cake. I think she got about $300 for it. I charge $60 an hour for...
  8. mylady

    Snow Again

    Well, I'm gonna whine a bit here. I hate dealing with the snow screwing on water hoses and trying not to get sprayed down with ice cold water because the connection isn't 100%. It was so cold tonight trying to fill my bus with water was such a PITA. My hands were frozen by the time I was...
  9. mylady

    Sugar cookie water

    OK, I didn't see a forum specifically about water, but since that's where the fish live I figured I would put it here. Soooo, hypothetically speaking mind you. What would be the ramifications of, say, a 4 year old boy eating a sugar cookie over the open tub of mixed salt water and getting...
  10. mylady

    Building my 56 gallon Column reef tank

    Unfortunately when he was trying to break the dead heads off he cracked the skeletons of all the other heads except maybe one. They pretty much looked like they were gone when I checked on them last night. The one head that had been healthy that cracked was kind of pouring out of it's...
  11. mylady

    Gotta start them early!

    Believe me, I use him as a demo dog at grooming shows and NONE of the groomers who come over to ask what kind of dog he is ever guesses Standard Poodle. He's not built like one, his fur doesn't grow like one, and he's much bigger than the normal St poodle. He weighs in at about 105 pounds.
  12. mylady

    Gotta start them early!

    Our daughter wants to be a groomer like her dear ol'mom so tonight when I decided to give our dog Sully a bath she wanted to help. Hubby couldn't resist taking some photos of her helping give Sully a bath and dry. He's a big guy, supposedly Standard Poodle. He even came with papers LOL. I...
  13. mylady

    Sick Doggie

    I'm so sorry you are dealing with this. When I brought my cat Tigger to the ER vet he was SOOO yellow his billirubin was 14 and the normal for a cat is 1-5 I believe. It was something way off. Unfrotunately here, to try to treat him would have cost $1000 a night at the vet and they said he...
  14. mylady

    Building my 56 gallon Column reef tank

    Here are the pics. please help, I don't want my duncans to die.
  15. mylady

    Building my 56 gallon Column reef tank

    We think our duncans are dying. Half the frag looks to be dead or dying and the other half isnt doing so hot. I will take a pic and post it later. Here are the water readings 80 Degrees F SG 1.024 dKH 7.5 Phosephate .25 Calcium 420 Ammonia 0 Nitrite 0 Nitrate 10/20 new test/old test pH 7.8...
  16. mylady

    There are no stupid questions right?

    I sponge painted the back of ours and used a range of different colors. Blue, purple, teal and black mostly.
  17. mylady

    The New Grooming Bus

    Quote: Originally Posted by Monsinour From what I hear, LFS dont make too much off of the livestock. The most profit is in the other stuff, basically the stuff that most of us order online and get plenty of it for free shipping or whatnot. I have looked into a LFS, sorta, and decided against...
  18. mylady

    Feeding Brine Shrimp

    I know hubby feeds brine shrimp in the morning but it's some vitamin enriched stuff.
  19. mylady

    Name That Sitcom

    Fine, I'll just guess then "The Danny Thomas Show" LOL I'm out of ideas!