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  1. stupid_naso

    New clown, a black Clarkii

    actually looks like a sebae.
  2. stupid_naso

    clowns Paired??

    There are some beginning signs if they're paired up such as swimming together. Being in close proximity of each other. Not chasing each other. Not nipping each other. Not killing each other. Those are good signs, but they can be tricky because sometimes they seem to get along well at first, but...
  3. stupid_naso

    Ocellaris Clowns need a home please help !!

    OK I'm sure you've heard it before but your clowns are perfectly fine without anemones. Have you tried having more power head? They love those, lol. I'm not sure what other inhabitants do you have in your tank (corals, crabs, etc.) because having an anemone might actually complicate things...
  4. stupid_naso

    Moving a Sebae

    Anemone will move from time to time to find a perfect spot for it to live. You can try to agitate it but I don't think it'll do you any good and it might actually do more harm to the anemone. Just leave it be, it might move on its own someday. I know it's not pretty and you can't see your clown...
  5. stupid_naso


    Is it a heater malfunction? This happened to me before so first thing probably get rid of the heat source. And then if it doesn't go down you can try to put a bunch of ice in a ziplock bag and float it to help cool down the water. If the anemone is still attached to something then there's still...
  6. stupid_naso

    Jon's new 20 gallon

    You can feed it brine if you want, but brine is not nutritious enough for anemone to thrive. Try to get some silversides or krill, these works well. Some people have even tried little pieces of seafood (shrimp, squid, etc.) I don't know whether they work or not. I'd go with the silversides and...
  7. stupid_naso

    Yuma? Mojano? Or....?

    Here's another one. I'm not sure what mine is, but yours look exactly like mine, IMO. stupid_naso
  8. stupid_naso

    Yuma? Mojano? Or....?

    It's sort of look like my mushroom. Some people have told me it's not ricordia, but I've seen places where they are identified as ricordia. But whatever it is, here's a pic...
  9. stupid_naso

    .75 gal pic?

    Hey guys, Just wondering, I'm interested in buying a .75 gal nano from *****. They have it on sale for $20. The reason why I wanna do this is that my friend is selling her 125 gal and she has all my corals in it and I wanna keep some of them. From what I found the setup comes with a 7 watts...
  10. stupid_naso

    Let's hope!

    Hahahahhahaha I'm sorry but that's funny. When they rubbed their bodies against each other I don't think that's a good sign. Well maroon is considered the more aggressive clownfish other than tomato. So it's hard to pair an existing one with a juvenile. If you desperately want a pair...
  11. stupid_naso

    Let's hope!

    snailhave, The tail wiggling is a sign of aggression. In a way they're trying to fight on who's the more dominant. They're supposed to do this, but please watch them, things can get really ugly. When you said kissing the cheek spine, that might just be the smaller one trying to nip the bigger...
  12. stupid_naso

    Post your 10 gallon tanks here!

    Here's the last picture of it before everything was moved to my friend's 100 gal
  13. stupid_naso

    Post your 10 gallon tanks here!

    Here's in June 2003
  14. stupid_naso

    Post your 10 gallon tanks here!

    This is my old tank... I had to let it go when I moved to college... Here's how it was in June 2001 when I started...
  15. stupid_naso

    rbta lacks bubble tips?

    Many believe that thawed brine shrimp is not a nutritious enough food for anemones, or even fish in general. For anemones, they recommend minced silversides or krill. For fish, they recommend feeding them variety of food instead of solely relying on brine shrimp for their nutrition...
  16. stupid_naso

    RBTA: Not so bubbly. Why?

    This has always been my experience with RBTA and BTAs, they are not bubbly anymore or not bubbly at all after awhile. Anyone knows the reason for this? I mean scientifically maybe? What can be done to get the bubble back? stupid_naso
  17. stupid_naso

    Maroon pairing and hosting ?

    Sorry about the confusion, 2" is pretty big, nvm. I've been away from this hobby for awhile and I'm getting rusty, lol. Yeah definitely get a smaller one. stupid_naso
  18. stupid_naso

    Maroon pairing and hosting ?

    OK, first of all what's the size of your tank? Because the thing is if it's larger then it'll be easier for the pairing process. Or let me just say, less painful. The reality is your clown's been living there for 6 months. She's relatively small if she's just 2" Are you sure that she's just 2"...
  19. stupid_naso

    BP's nano reef

    Here's after I started feeding it. It has split several times and the way they open up... Here's the "RBTA" of my tank... (This is after 2 years in my tank)