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  1. drummerbum

    hair algea

    is there some thing i could add to my clean up crew as a long term solution with out chemicals?
  2. drummerbum

    hair algea

    Hi everyone it's been quite a while since i've posted here, but over the past year i've learned A LOT I'm approaching the beggining of my fourth year of keeping tropical fish and i do still have my very first fish a now 3 year old occilaris clown fish named spot. I've stuck to nano tanks mostly...
  3. drummerbum

    I.D. please

    just found a pic not Mojano so what is it?
  4. drummerbum

    I.D. please

    from what i can gather it kinda looks like Mojano but i cant find a clear enough pic to make a Pos I.D. but what should i do about it??
  5. drummerbum

    I.D. please

    Thank you Bang Guy. I know its not aiptasia but i will search the other thanks
  6. drummerbum

    Chicago area trade

    I dont have much to trade but if any ones willing to sell Shrooms Rics colt or Zoos I would be interested but it will have to wait untill i get my new tank cycled. I live in Joliet, I'm in countryside alot (near Brookfield), and I know the south side of chicago pretty well. E-mail...
  7. drummerbum

    I.D. please

    I found a couple growths in my tank they kind of look like ricordeas but they might be annemonies. I tried to get a Pic but my Cam doesn't have a high enough res. so I'll describe it. It has a trunk, what appears to be a mouth, short tenticals like a Ric (hence my confusion) One is pink one is...
  8. drummerbum

    24g nano cube deluxe

    wow lots of people have nano cubes!!! Can i get that site too :cheer: thanx
  9. drummerbum

    How to frag a shroom/and keep it.

    if you cut the shroom at the stem then the mantle would the stem grow back??
  10. drummerbum

    Millmod Nanocube surface skimmer v1.1

    how much areyou charging for thoes?
  11. drummerbum

    New Fish

    looks like your pretty well stocked. if i were you i would get like 5 to 7 more small chromis and if its filler color your looking for try starting with coral. Just a thought.
  12. drummerbum

    jack fm

    im sorry for my outburst, i just went and read some of the signatures. and from i read your original station was a quality local classic rock station and if thats the case im outraged sure Jack fm is a good station but it doesnt nearly measure up to my favorite local classic rock station. sorry...
  13. drummerbum

    jack fm

    i'm in illinois and honestly i like the station because they dont have people calling to request the same songs over and over again and they do have a good variety IMO and for those of you signing a petition to get them off the air there is an easier way to handle a radio station you dont like...
  14. drummerbum

    55 gallon tank

    I have a 20g long tank in my 55g Still waiting to set it up need more $$$$$$ :needhelp:
  15. drummerbum

    Here is my new ANEMONE!

    sweet dude what do you plan on doing with the 125???
  16. drummerbum

    Here is my new ANEMONE!

    Dude thats a huge anemone!! how big is your tank?? Woah
  17. drummerbum

    still selling everything

    $650 for everything but canister filter and livestock? :thinking:
  18. drummerbum

    55 gal. and everything 4 sale

    $650 for everything but livestock and canister filter and i will come pick it up it's only about a 4hour drive from the Chicago land area to there Deal or no deal?? :thinking:
  19. drummerbum

    Powerhead For 12 nano Cube

    I kept the stock pump and just put a 200gph pump on the side everything seems to be doing fine
  20. drummerbum

    My new nano pics

    Hey ClarkiiClo guess what i got thanks to you got it bout a month ago put my first coral in it today.