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    Live Rock

    live rock is very beneficial to your tank. like mentioned above, it's natural filtration which will help keep your water quality better and it looks a lot better than fake corals and 'pirate ships' or what-not.
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    Fail to Plan.... Plan to Fail!!

    stock lighting might be too low in wattage for LPS corals and don't get the linkia, it will starve in that little of a tank.
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    Wal Mart Offers $100 Gift Card If You Buy A PS3...

    too bad I bought mine at best buy.
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    2 top-downs

    very nice
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    Starry Blenny in his balancing act

    everyone should have a blenny
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    What is the best way to get rid of flat worms?

    when I had them back in the day. i siphoned out as many as possible, removed my live rock, placed in seperate tank, used flatworm exit, skimmer and carbon, shook off the rocks really good and put them back in the DT and was fine ever since. don't let them get out of hand, they can populate...
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    mated clowns and frog spawn

    i had 2 clowns hosting my frogspawn in my old setup. the frogspawn didn't care and the clowns loved it. they however did develop slight Hyper-Melaninization, which are stings from the coral but doesn't hurt the fish in any way. check post #4...
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    best way top brign up salinity

    Originally Posted by Bang Guy Just top off with full strength saltwater. that's how I've always done mine, and no problems ever.
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    For Trade: Green Sinularia and Button Polyps

    Originally Posted by zona322 if you like any of this let me know thanks zona like the ones in the first link
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    For Trade: Green Sinularia and Button Polyps

    here's the picture. the sinularia frag is of the actual frag you'd receive and the button polyps are like what you'll receive.
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    For Trade: Green Sinularia and Button Polyps

    I have 2 frags that I'd like to trade. I'm looking for zoanthids or mushrooms I don't have already. Possibly do a thermos trade with this. Green Sinularia - Frag is about 3" tall and mounted to a small piece of live rock. Button Polyps - 5 polyps with neon green centers and brown skirts. I'll...
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    what's the secret of glueing acrylic?

    Originally Posted by moonie where do you buy weld on? you can purchase on the famous [hr] site too.
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    5 1/2 Nano Diary

    Originally Posted by LoViN_LiFe wats th4e yellow and orange thing? They are montipora capricornis (SPS) corals.
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    3 Mini Zoa Frag Packs

    what is left?
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    Want coraline algae

    you can also use a tooth brush, and brush a rock that has coralline algae on it to get the seed into the water. Keeping calcium and alkalinity proper will help a lot too.
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    My 4 Months of Diary of Starting a Nano

    What type of lighting do you have?
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    5 1/2 Nano Diary

  18. schadiest1

    5 1/2 Nano Diary

    Finally got some updated tank shots,
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    5 1/2 Nano Diary

    Originally Posted by gregghia Schadiest what kind of heater do you have in that tank... I want to make a DIY nano and looking for heat! I just use a cheap one from Pet Quarters, only cost about $10 and works fine.