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  1. andymi

    Out of Control Agae, Help!

    Try and determine the cause of it first. Go out and get a phosphate test kit and see where you are at. What type of water are you using for water changes? This is usually a good factor for algae. Overfeeding can sometimes cause increased phosphates as well. Just determine the cause and attack...
  2. andymi

    dsb at work

    Good , let it do its thing :)
  3. andymi

    ice cap 660

    Well hopefully I dont get into trouble for posting this site link since it has nothing to do with a competitor, but here is the link directly to the dimensions for the IceCap ballast. -Andy
  4. andymi

    Quick VHO question

    Check out the ice cap website. I believe they have this information on there. Here is the info from the site: Line Amps - 4.4 Max Line Volts - 120 Housing dimensions 11-1/4" x 3-7/32"x 1-3/4" Ballast Weight - 1.65 lbs. Sound Rating - A HTH -Andy
  5. andymi

    ice cap 660

    Hmm, Im not sure about that. I think it depends on the length of the bulb too. I have the Icep Cap 660 on my reef and I could only have 4 36" bulbs for a total of 380 watts. I would check out their website as i believe it says the length and # of lights you can connect to it. --Andy
  6. andymi


    I just use the plastic surface skimmers that come with wet/dry's. You can find these from $50 to $100 depending on who you buy from. This keeps the tank in tact just in case you want to trade it in later, or sell it to someone else. Good Luck on the new tank. -Andy
  7. andymi

    water for water changes

    You can definitely use tap if you do testing on it first. I use tap and never have algae blooms. RO water is reverse osmosis water, and you can buy it from some places, but you are better off to get your own unit you can hook up to a faucet. If you have big tanks you better get a big one :) --Andy
  8. andymi

    IS this hard to keep?

    They say it can be tough to keep. It depends on the type of sponge. I have some orange tree sponge in my tank and it has been doing good. Most are filter feeders so are usually good in a more established tank. I think some feed off of zooxanthallae as well , just do research on the exact type...
  9. andymi

    Live Rock

    I would recommend at least a lb for every gallon. --Andy
  10. andymi

    How do I build a refugium?

    Yep I definitely took ideas from your design. Although mine is laid out quite a bit different, same concept behind it. :) --Andy
  11. andymi

    Protein Skimmers

    You could also check out the skimmers made by Aqua Clear Aquatics. I have had no problems with mine at all. You can contact aqua clear aquatics at their website by the same name, and send an e-mail about a local reseller in your area and they will hook you up. --Andy
  12. andymi

    How do you grow Coralline Algae???

    What a lot of people don't know is that most coraline algae growth takes place in lower light areas. Areas with strong light will typically not grow as fast as areas with lower light. I am sure some of you will laugh at this statement , but you can do some research. In shallow waters the algae...
  13. andymi

    LFS says LS is useless without undergravel filter???

    I agree, I bet it was someone who confused a UGF with a plenum. Although you can use some sand with a UGF it needs to be a bigger mixture. I use the CaribSea reaflor sand on my UGF's. Some people in here use DSB's, some use wet/dry's, I use UGF's with refugiums, or skimmers if it is a fish only...
  14. andymi

    How do I build a refugium?

    Well there are places online to look at that stuff. ***************** (msg was edited due to a link that is not allowed to be shown...please take this as a warning as to not do this again.. please review the rules on this...thanks RLV695) That website has some cool links about refugiiums...
  15. andymi

    Question on emperor angel?

    I think it would be hard to tell without a picture of the fish. Emporers can change their colors , but this is typically not done in captivity, unless the fish you purchased was recently caught while it was going through this period. HTH -Andy
  16. andymi's Invert Package

    I have bought one package here and other than a pain in the arse sally lightfoot, everything was fantastic. The sally lf wound up snagging some fish in my tank. If I was you (if you have smaller fish), minus the sally lightfoot. --Andy
  17. andymi

    Aiptasia anemones by the dozen

    Peppermint shrimp seem to do well for most people. You can also take a needle and syringe and inject the anenome with kalkwasser which will also get rid of it. I think peppermint shrimp are the better way to go, assuming there are no aggressive fish in this tank. HTH -Andy
  18. andymi

    UV Sterilizer

    Blueking, The garlic juice is working for me. Although not all the parasites are off the fish as of yet, it has definitely reduced the number of parasites and made the fish happier. I am one week into treatment and the puffer maybe has 15 or so parasites left on his entire body. The things I...
  19. andymi

    Brown corals

    What do they look like? What are your levels? What type of lighting etc? -Andy
  20. andymi

    sump & refugium VS. wet dry & bio balls

    Peronally I would go with the sump/refugium combo. The refugium will help harbor amphipods and copepods, and help you grow macro algaes which will help reduce nitrates in the tank. However, if you don't have a high bio-load and/or you dont really need the macro's you could probably go with a...