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  1. nicky1.8t

    its a southeastern MA thing!

    i think mass is the only state where you can get chourico and coffee milk and mabey a little bit into r.i tivertin probley
  2. nicky1.8t

    Guess who found Nemo

    pretty good
  3. nicky1.8t

    Pics of my 600 Gallon Being Installed!!!!

    Nice tank. Cant wait to see more!
  4. nicky1.8t

    Creature Found In Prefilter Skimmer Box..ugh, What Is It???

    aptasia. Pest anenome
  5. nicky1.8t

    Need help with flatworms

    some wrasses will eat them, but they multiply very fast. They could take your tank over fast! I know you dont want to use flat worm exit, but I would think about. I would rather take a chance with losing some shrimp or something, instead of a whole reef.
  6. nicky1.8t

    moving sale, all must go

  7. nicky1.8t

    WTB GEO 512 Calcium reactor

    I have a reactor for sale, not a geo though
  8. nicky1.8t

    moving sale, all must go

    I forgot the reactor setup is still avilable, as well as the wet dry too!
  9. nicky1.8t

    moving sale, all must go

    mh lights all livestock both tanks liverock powerheads. Send all purchase requests to my email please. I check that more often. Thanks Rickyt
  10. nicky1.8t

    moving sale, all must go

    im in chicago for the week so i cant respond i wil be back by saturday
  11. nicky1.8t

    moving sale, all must go

    luke, they are sold sorry.
  12. nicky1.8t

    moving sale, all must go

    sure, I am sure in will be hefty though. Let me see what I can do
  13. nicky1.8t

    moving sale, all must go

  14. nicky1.8t

    moving sale, all must go

  15. nicky1.8t

    moving sale, all must go

    Me and my brother are moving in a couple of months, and need to sell alot of equipment. If interested please email my brother at We would like to sell all equipment local, but will ship if we have too, and the list begins, Currently running system: 65 gallon aga rr tank...
  16. nicky1.8t

    Any Aquariums/set-ups around BOSTON??

    sea horse, send me an email, Ilive in attleboror and have a full system for sale., Ricky
  17. nicky1.8t

    ? for 20k MH users!

    I used to just run the 20k bulbs. They are really blue
  18. nicky1.8t

    White Spots

    maybe flat worms?
  19. nicky1.8t


    Nice to see you here again. Hows the new tank going?
  20. nicky1.8t

    what do you guys think about this??

    I HAVE A 65 GALLON WITH 2 X 250 MH. They are about 8 inches off of the water,a and I never have any temp issues. I run a small clip on fan in the canopy, and never have any problems. I hope this helps