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  1. loopy

    Bang Guy, need your help

    Thanks 92!
  2. loopy

    Need advice on Mandrin goby

    btw, I have one lfs that will take fish back and another that will not...plenty will, plenty won't. Frustrating when they won't, but I can see there point, they are afraid people are returning sick fish for the most part. Again, good luck!
  3. loopy

    Need advice on Mandrin goby

    there are several people here with mandarin goby's and not enough live rock, me included. Give him time and keep offering him the mysis. Lizzard and TeresaQ will hopefully see this and post, they will help you. Ignore the statement about him withering away....keep trying. Good luck.
  4. loopy

    Blind Naso Tang

    man, those eyes look pretty good to me. I would never guess he was blind. How is he acting now? Beautiful fish btw, and I commend you for not taking him back. I wouldn't be able to either, if I knew they would kill him. Hand feed him, he'll love you forever. Maybe it's a temporary thing...I'm...
  5. loopy

    Bang Guy, need your help

    Thanks Teresa. I can't believe how little this guy is...if I put him in with other fish I'm sure they'd make a meal outa him. I tried the mysis, but it's too big, he ignores it, it's half his size. Thanks again.
  6. loopy

    Bang Guy, need your help

    Hi, I ordered a clown fish from a site, about a month ago, for my daughters cycled 20 gallon aquarium in her room. Well, after many emails and phone came. It came today...and its about this big: _______ No kiddin, how do I feed this tiny little thing? I have been crumbling flakes...
  7. loopy

    Help Help Help

    Doesn't sound good. How is he today? I don't know what you should do...when I have heard of this is it basically...sorry to say this...the end, or nearly. Let us know how he is and at least this will bump this up if nothing else.
  8. loopy

    New Reef Safe Cure For Ich

    The fish are eating again, swimming again, no ich at all. They were doing nothing but hiding, breathing hard and not eating prior to starting the treatment. They are no longer breathing hard, and there is no sign of ich. I know I am going to get flamed on this, but I don't care. It works. I will...
  9. loopy

    Blind Naso Tang

    Hows he doing? It's going to be like having a new born if he is truly blind. Can you take him back and trade him for another? You said you may not be able to continue to hand feed him, and if this is the only way he is going to eat, I'd go to the lfs and trade him in. Good luck, keep us updated.
  10. loopy

    Question about Copper Safe!!!

    I'm with jobob on this. I added copper a while back. Now I have a bunch of crabs, plus and arrow crab and some snails...if there was copper, they would be dead by now. Just make sure you get a test kit and test for copper before you put the inverts in. Personally, a lot of filtration and water...
  11. loopy

    Blind Naso

    Are you sure he's blind and not just disorientated? Is there enough room for him to swim? If it's crowded with rock etc, he may just be having trouble getting around all the stuff. What do his eyes look like? If he is truly blind now, then he was probably always blind, but it's hard to know. Can...
  12. loopy

    Would my 80Gallon Reef tank be overstocked?

    Keep in mind that tangs are truly 'ick magnets'. You would have a hard tim treating them in a reef. Consider how much live takes up space so therefor there is less water. Some will say this doesn't matter, but think it over. Less water...less swimming area. It just makes sense, you add...
  13. loopy

    fish for 55

    I wouldn't get a coral beauty...the one I had intimated the other fish non stop, the one that were there before him and the ones that came after. He was very territorial. PJ Cardinals don't swim much, but they are cool looking and stay in the open, as said. They are also mouth breeders, so maybe...
  14. loopy

    do fish have memory

    Memory and survival techniques are two different things all together, and being studied now actually. It is believed their memory is about 7-15 seconds. It is also believed they have the survival technique that tells them what to eat, where it is safe to rest etc. That would explain why they...
  15. loopy

    Tomato Clown Question

    How did you acclimate him? Actually, hiding the first day or two, or more, is not unusual. What other fish are in your tank? And what is the temp? Did you test your water lately? How are the results? Oh, and how is the fish breathing?
  16. loopy

    Help Ick Outbreak

    I am using Kick Ich and it is working. All my fish were sick with ick. Now they are swiming and eating like normal and look great. Copper and hypo will kill your live rock and inverts. You will have to move them to another tank or container, which will stress the fish even more, and again when...
  17. loopy

    can u catch something from..

    No, I would have caught something by now too, but be warned...the salt will sting like fire in your skin!!!!
  18. loopy

    Fin Rot/What to do?

    What's up with all the 'please read the sticky on how to post'. Wasted time that could have been used more productively. That could have been said after you gave some humane advice. I have read this SO many times today. Some one pass out crabby [hr] ???? That said...he wants you to post all...
  19. loopy

    Help Me Please ICH

    I am using Kick Ich for ich and it is working extremely well. It is safe for reef and inverts.
  20. loopy

    New Reef Safe Cure For Ich

    I am using Kick Ich and it works. Many say it doesn't, but my results have been really really good.