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  1. el guapo

    Will dropping the price of Music CD's save them?

    I guess it shows you that just as "video killed the radio star" and then was its self killed by the reality star. So to has the Compact disk seen its best days .
  2. el guapo

    House passed the Health Bill

    Ok, I just had a thought .... 900+ Billion health care reform.... Legalized "medical" Marijuana.... Obama is just looking to get the whole place baked .
  3. el guapo

    When you download torrents

    Oh come on you can't leave me hanging like that! WHAT HAPPENED?
  4. el guapo

    When you download torrents

    What was the book ? lol
  5. el guapo

    Is this right to you guys

    The Officer had every right to stop you as you seamed to be out of place in the area in the middle of the night. Many years ago I got pulled over multiple times for "no reason" lol. Looking back I understand now that it was just the police doing their job. After all a car cruising through a...
  6. el guapo

    Will dropping the price of Music CD's save them?

    I personally am a fan of the entire album concept. But a lot of artists just are not giving the moneys worth to purchase an entire album. As far as the inserts for CD's goes. You can pull up lyrics online in a matter of seconds. I also like the convenience of my entire music library at the touch...
  7. el guapo

    Will dropping the price of Music CD's save them? I don't really think this is going to do much for the industry. Its just my opinion but CD's are a thing of the past. The majority of homes have personal MP3 players as well as home systems that are Digitally compatible in some way. Honestly...
  8. el guapo

    House passed the Health Bill

    Geee I can't wait for all this fun to start. Thanks Omaba. :(
  9. el guapo

    wow so besides the looks what additional fuctionality is there?

    I Kind of like it . Actually I do like it. Everything seams to work fine for me .
  10. el guapo

    st patricks day

    Originally Posted by mrdc Who's not wearing green? My pinchers are ready! I have this point of view on the whole pinching thing.... I'm Irish and don't have to wear it . Why is that you ask? Because if you pinch me , I will do the obvious drunken Irishman thing and that is Punch who ever...
  11. el guapo

    lol's weight loss journal

    Originally Posted by lol Well, today's my b-day. Happy b-day to myself :D Happy Birthday. Treat your self good today. Its allowed
  12. el guapo

    iPhone apps I need?

    Originally Posted by stdreb27 oh good, found a fun fart app. I tried that . But nobody noticed it mixed in with the real ones :(
  13. el guapo

    Dog Face Puffer won't eat and is laying on the bottom of the tank gasping

    If you want to get good help your going to need to tell us what you used to treat the ich and how long you used it . As much detail as possible.
  14. el guapo

    Coral Catshark with eel

    Honestly , I would not try this combo. I would put money on the Fimby taking a swipe at the shark.
  15. el guapo

    Australian Scrub Python

  16. el guapo

    iPhone apps I need?

    Pandora radio is by far the most used app on my i phone. Followed by Facebook and the MMA underground.
  17. el guapo

    Just another monday in Denver, lol.

    Originally Posted by ruaround senior Guapo is on the right end... the guy behind him is Nate Marquardt and the dude to his left is Brendan Schuab... There is nobody to my left RU... On my right is Brendan Schaub Star of SPIKES THE ULTIMATE FIGHTER.
  18. el guapo

    Love or Strangulation LOL

    cake or death ~Eddie Izzard~
  19. el guapo

    Just another monday in Denver, lol.

    Just another Monday. Okay not really, Today was a press day for the Grudge/T's K.O fight camp. With the UFC fight night here in town coming up and the pro team having 3 fighters on the card. Today was open mats at High Altitude Martial Arts. There was some serious action on the mats for Jiu...
  20. el guapo

    Please Pray For My Mom ..

    Hey Arn if there is anything I can do to help out even if you just need to vent and yell at somebody, please let me know you can hit me up on FB if you need to.