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  1. serpentine5

    New house, new tank idea. Need advise.

    Steve, Thanks alot. I hope to start on this tomorrow so it will be ready for the move this weekend. I do not want to break down the tank, rebuild it, then have to tear it down again later after I get the wall ready for it. I see this as beeing too stressfull not only on me but on the tank as...
  2. serpentine5

    New house, new tank idea. Need advise.

    I can deffinently have the urge to get a larger tank, but that is not going to happen anytime in the near or not so near future. Unless I come into a deal where some one is practacly giving a large tank away. And I do not see that happening.
  3. serpentine5

    New house, new tank idea. Need advise.

    Originally posted by steveweast 1) Are you having the tank truely built into the wall? meaning, is the tank going to be into the wall cavity itself and ending up flush with the drywall and then framed? If so, and with the 12 1/2 inches of tank depth that you're working with... that would leave...
  4. serpentine5

    New house, new tank idea. Need advise.

    Steve, Awsome pix. I really thank you and Bigmac for helping me out here! I think I have everything covered but what to use above the tank. The part that is in the wall and outside of the wall is bound to cause salt creep and moister problems on the wood and dry wall. What can I use to cover the...
  5. serpentine5

    New house, new tank idea. Need advise.

    Cant email him throught the site, and we dont have PM availability here either. You talk to him again, direct him to this thread, or to yell at me on MSN, my handle on msn is Thanks bud
  6. serpentine5

    New house, new tank idea. Need advise.

    Steve Weis? I dont remember what his nickname here is.
  7. serpentine5

    Southdown Sand Locations

    If it is not near you, you might want to consider a road trip as several of us have done in the past. I live in Chattanooga, and was fortunate enough to have it as close to me as Atlanta, and Nashville. I have taken road trips to both. Go to party, and load up on sand at the same time.
  8. serpentine5

    do u think this will work?

    you can also, drill a small hole the same size of a small hose, and silicone the hose into the hole. than use your mouth the start the syphon, and use a one way valve to stop the end of the hose. this is how I did mine when i built it some what like yours.
  9. serpentine5

    New house, new tank idea. Need advise.

    Ok, I just bought a house. I am looking at moving in next weekend. I have about a week from now to get it cleaned up and ready to move in. Last week I was at a customers house, and he had an in- the-wall fresh water tank set-up that inspired me. Another customer of mine a few days later...
  10. serpentine5

    BTA stuck in powerhead intake!

    I had the same problem with my carpet anemone. He decided to roam around and find a more suitable place to live. He tried a Nemo and got sucked into the powerfilter intake. The intake is not a hole, it is the normal slotted intake cover. So I found him maybe 20 minuted later, or a day later...
  11. serpentine5

    Anyone else seen these at *****?

    tiffster, In no way way I even attempting to inply that you were in the wrong, or that you were an idiot, or anything. I way just trying to bring a little humor into it, but I see I failed. Again, I was in no way attemting to insult, nor offend you. My appologizies to you for causing any...
  12. serpentine5

    Anyone else seen these at *****?

    (Petsmart Manager)- Tiffster, can I see you in my office NOW! (Tiffster)- Yes Sir. (Petsmart Manager)- I understand you have been stealing from my store and my company. What do you have to say about this? (Tiffster)- Sir, I am not sure I know what you are talking about. (Petsmart Manager)- I...
  13. serpentine5

    Sandbed and PVC

    If you are starting up a new tank, I would add the sand, then the water, about 1/2 to 3/4 full, and let it set for about a week or so, then put the LR in, you should not have a problem with it sinking too much. The sand kinda packs itself with the water on top.
  14. serpentine5

    IT is too loud.

    Are they reef ready tanks? or over the side overflows?
  15. serpentine5

    Need advice on building glass tops!

    guess that will work too.
  16. serpentine5

    JBJ 2x65 w/ dual fans.

    how much for shipping to 37415? do you take paypal?
  17. serpentine5

    Euro Reef Skimmer on a 29 gal.

    Yeller Tang. Email me the info. I am looking to get a 3 and would love to save the money.
  18. serpentine5

    looking to buy frags in GA

    Thanks Red. If anyone is looking for Southdown, I have a Guy that brings it down to Chattanooga from Nashville for $13 per 40 pound bag. If anyone is interested in meeting up with him here just email me and I will see if I can find his info. He might even go down to ATL, but of this I am not...
  19. serpentine5

    Ricordia babies?????

    Pic Please.
  20. serpentine5

    Why was my thread deleted?

    Just ask your question again, if you dont already have the answer.