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  1. teresaq1

    Going to buy equipment..what do you suggest??

    are you doing the sump, and fuge in one unit. I am doing a 55 gal sump/fuge for my 150. do you have IM??
  2. teresaq1

    Going to buy equipment..what do you suggest??

    to start, you will need the sand, rock, and sump. I dont know anything about those though.Sorry. you dont need to start the skimmer until after the tank is cycled. you will need the power heads for circulation. is the tank pre drilled, for the sump?? oh,you will prob need a heater, though i dont...
  3. teresaq1

    Going to buy equipment..what do you suggest??

    Aqua remora is a good skimmer for that size tank. they make one for in sump. they are easy to run, just pug and play. max jet is a good power head. i would get at least two or three. I would look into vho lights for your tank. you can still keep soft corals like mushrooms and zoos, xeina, toad...
  4. teresaq1

    Adding Fish

    That mandrine will starve to death as soon as the pod population is gone. they need a well established tank with lots of live rock for pods to grow. unless you have a fuge on that tank, it will have nothing to eat.
  5. teresaq1

    Suggestions for adding color to my tank?

    what about some diff color mushrooms?? they are very easy
  6. teresaq1

    questions for aquac remora owners

    I have the Ar pro, and the only thing i clean is the collection cup. I have cleaned the pump once,(need to do again).
  7. teresaq1

    ? about harlequin shrimp

    If you dont want them, i will take them for my tank. I only have a few, and would like more.
  8. teresaq1

    Do you spot feed Yellow Polyps? Xenias? Torch Coral?

    my yellows catch mysis and flakefood that falls on them. once and a while i spot feed them with mysis.
  9. teresaq1

    What is the simplest way to start....

    sorry, my computer froze on me. I have a aqua remora skimmer, canister filter, hang on back filter for carbon, a couple of power heads. and a hang on back refuge.I love it. Its a 55 gal tank, 3 inch sand and 60 lbs live rock. for lights i use 260 watts power compact. I have lost a couple of...
  10. teresaq1

    What is the simplest way to start....

    Hi Leno. I have a 55 gal tank i started in feb. I have 3 inch of sand, and 60 lbs live rock. I started out with. just a few pieces, annd have added over the last few months. For equipment. I have aqua remora pro skimmer.
  11. teresaq1

    New 12 gal jbj dlx

    I just bought the reg jbj nano,(24 wtts) and adding 2x36 wtts retro kits. i will have 96 wtts on a 12 gal. I got the kits for only 55 dol, and they are for a nano cube.
  12. teresaq1

    I Need You ....

    i voted for the firefish. Dont angles nip at corals??
  13. teresaq1

    DOES ANYONE KNOW HOW MUCH FOR 4-6 foot vho's?.. pleaseeeeeeee help

    i fond a 4 lamp system with ice cap ballast for 464.00 and a 4 lamp system with electronic bal for 169.95 and bulbs for 29.00 . these are in one of my catologs
  14. teresaq1

    I got a new Kitty!

    is that a blue point hemie. or persian. I raised both yrs ago. very pretty little girl. we had one named topaz.
  15. teresaq1

    post your reef tank

    Heres mine 55 gal-6 mo
  16. teresaq1

    Corals or Frags: South Florida???

    I sent 3 replys, did you get them???
  17. teresaq1

    Post Water Change Pack of Pix

    Very nice. love the zoos. is that a cube. I just ordered one, and a retro kit 2x36 wtts to put under the hood.
  18. teresaq1

    Corals or Frags: South Florida???

    you've got mail
  19. teresaq1

    Corals or Frags: South Florida???

    i didnt get any e-mail that is.
  20. teresaq1

    Photoshop Enhanced Pictures

    :hilarious :hilarious :hilarious :hilarious I Love it.