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  1. arkman

    pretty Vlamingi Tang - anybody have one?

    Ive seen them diving. They get huge - like 3 FEET long. I wish I had a tank big eonugh for a school of them!
  2. arkman

    Shrimp orgy?

    We'll not really an orgy, since there are only 2 of them (Lysmata amboinensis - cleaner) but the weird thing is they are BOTH carrying eggs...the way I figure is that both of them had a --- change after one got pregnant?:eek:
  3. arkman

    why do xenia "pulse"?

    yo Seattle. Bigtime speaker at Blue Sierra tomorrow night 2/22 at 6. Coral expert Eric Borneman - Im going to ask him :) Recent studies "prove" the pulsing is not for respiration (gas exchenge) or feeding... Very interesting....
  4. arkman

    feeding capanella?

    carbon is a good idea. I'll try that . Just added a polyfilter to see if there is any chemical in the tank. Mine grew for a while also, then stopped (it reached the surface). Its at least 12" tall and the girth is...well...bigger than the average ____. I've heard that xenia has very limited...
  5. arkman

    Maintaining CA & Alk Levels?

    just taggin in and since user CP isn't working... ARKMAN ARKMAN ARKMAN I'll just search for ARKMAN.
  6. arkman

    help id..stinging my xenia

    looks like a little zooanthid (sp) - mushroom polyp?
  7. arkman

    feeding capanella?

    I have a nice Kenya Tree coral (capanella sp.) (spelling?!?) that has recently lost some "luster" - not as big as it was, and spends more time "crunched". I have recently added a small xenia frag (pulsing like MAAAAD) and I turned the Capanella 180 degrees. I've also started adding alk buffer...
  8. arkman

    OT: To windows XP users

    Activation isn't increasing piracy. And for Windows being EXPENSIVE??? That's silly. You use it almost every day. It includes great features like media player and messenger. It comes with internet browsing AND email. You pay over $300/year for your cell phone. You paid $300+ for a TV and...
  9. arkman

    OT: To windows XP users

    OK - I agree that activation may be inconvienient but it only exists due to massive piracy. Yeah, and I'll agree that the more horspower the better on the computer. In you dont meet reccomended spec, stick with 2000. Simm - 6 years of financial data - without a back up?
  10. arkman

    OT - Why cant I search?

    in user CP I cant seem to search old posts anymore past one day...anyone else having this problem?
  11. arkman

    why do xenia "pulse"?

    read some research that the obvious (feeding, respiration) is not the reason --- wondering if anyone had any thoughts. My wife thinks it may be for locomotion - ours is speeding slong at about 1 cm/week :D
  12. arkman

    OT: To windows XP users

    ok - I actually work for Microsoft - Marketing - not on the design side so I don’t know all the technical details, but here's a chance for some direct user feedback. pls. let me know why - with specifics - you think XP sucks. Please include basic system specs - proc/ram/hd XP is built on W2K -...
  13. arkman

    Screen names

    well my name is Noah - the rest should be fairly obvious ;)
  14. arkman

    UV on a reef tank?

    I wouldnt. Just kills the biomass off. What's the value?
  15. arkman

    OT - HAIRTRIGGER - Patriot Act 2?

    most of the talk is from "fringe" sources - but it is on "Wired" and PBS's Bill Moyer (ahem , but that seems to be missing today...) If you want to email me I'll send you a link, or the doc. EDIT - I found it - most search links seem to not point to the right doc. Here is the heading from PBS...
  16. arkman

    OT - HAIRTRIGGER - Patriot Act 2?

    HairTrigger - I'm really just very curious. If you dont want a public discussion please email me at
  17. arkman

    OT - HAIRTRIGGER - Patriot Act 2?

    I’m not a big fan of conspiracy theories - but I’m less of a fan of conspiracies. There has been some "chatter" about a leaked draft of the "Patriot Act II". Wondering what our friends at CNN think of the document.
  18. arkman

    ROWAPHOS (what ) ?!#$%^&*():~

    what town LI? I grew up Sea Cliff, Glen Cove and Port Washinton. oh, and in context would help ;)
  19. arkman

    Tank aged water?

    you may need more than the displaced water. You could probabally reuse it, but I'd have fresh mixed available. Good luck!
  20. arkman

    Member's tank Pictures

    Fishtails - if you can't afford an RO unit today, check around some of your local supermarkets - or maybe in the phone book for someone who sells purified water - just ask, or look at hte purification process - it may be RO. My local supermarket sells it for only $.40 a gallon - and I just...