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  1. aarone

    Linksys Wireless Router Question

    your not losing so much speed through the internet provider...its mainly the transfer speed that downgrades your connection. check out and do a diagnostic on your up and down speeds with the WEP on and without...then go from there i havent studied WEP much...i didnt know that it...
  2. aarone

    All time best song.

    comfortably numb
  3. aarone

    mh heat question please read!!!

    the way my lights came set up i have one fan blowing in ....then one blowing out
  4. aarone

    Car Rims

    gracias guey
  5. aarone

    Dumb Question????

    you should put it in the water....the only way the temp would differ in your if it is very large and you only have one heater
  6. aarone

    Dumb Question????

    Originally posted by Bang Guy Why would the top of your tank be warmer? i was wondering the same thing
  7. aarone

    cpr's aquafugepro

    waste of money
  8. aarone

    organ pipe

    yeah ould be a flow problem....LFS had a picky one that liked medium current and wouldclose up alot
  9. aarone

    salt water

    how long can isit my salt water in my mixing tank with a powerhead and a heater? will it start to cycle on its own?
  10. aarone

    3+ Six Packs of macro shots

    great lookin pics! i just hope that my tank will be up and running soon so i can use the new MH for some SPS
  11. aarone

    mh heat question please read!!!

    suck the air will decrease canopy temp
  12. aarone

    reef lighting

    URI are the best bulbs IMO and IME....the actinic is the purplish stil waiting on my new tank to set them up
  13. aarone

    hair algea

    i think emerald crabs do???
  14. aarone


    i would really reccomend getting asump and a good in sump skimmer...those are the best you can use
  15. aarone

    Car Rims

    first of all...kl8n this is the AQUARIUM!!!! an area for off topic discussions...maybe if you would do alittle more reading you would have known that...
  16. aarone

    Omg My Cleaner Shrimp Shed Itself!

    the shrimp shell wont contribute to any noticable ammonia amount
  17. aarone

    Two new fish

    scooters are a member of the dragonnete fammily....they are predatory and hunt pods all day long...definately should not be kept in small tanks with little live rock. most people reccomend 100+# of LR to sustain one properly
  18. aarone

    This is going to sound stupid

    gorgonians...zoos can live under low lighting....shrooms probably..... sun coral needs low light....i know there are some others...i think one is called a chili coral
  19. aarone


    is that thing getting punched?
  20. aarone

    What's up?

    yea bro...its good to see tha tyou are still in one piece. Hope your trip is a good one and best of wishes to you in buddy is leaving for the army pretty soon