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  1. corbin1234

    Something I've Always Wanted To Know

    alright so im now getting sick of have to top off all my water manualy, so i thought i would invest in some time to make an auto top-off system. I already have plans for what I am going to do but there is always one thing i wondered about, (this may be something i should have know during my 2...
  2. corbin1234

    got my new tank

    can we see the 75?
  3. corbin1234

    Tropic Marin

    tropic marin is the best, you cant go wrong with that brand (except with the price). I would recomend it to anyone whos willing to pay for it.
  4. corbin1234

    Newest pics of 125

    everything seems to be booming since you got those halides- looks great, on your way to have a wonderful reef
  5. corbin1234

    Finnaly got my stuff back in the new setup!

    looks good i wish you the best of luck--and yes, rid yourself of that tang, he will be much happier somewhere bigger
  6. corbin1234

    What's your favorite coral

    any SPS lps are also a favorite of mine
  7. corbin1234

    Sunday nite 12pk

    very nice reef, looks healthy and well established
  8. corbin1234

    First Tank: 29 gallon pictures

    looks pretty good for your first tank, welcome to an adiction
  9. corbin1234

    New pics for enjoyment

    sounds like a good plan..... viva los Afghanistan baby!!!
  10. corbin1234

    My second new tank?!?!

    i too have that same ***** stand and tank, except mines a little taller then yours (its a 80gal) wouldnt recomend this stand to anyone though--made of cheap particle board-- damp areas (sump) and particle board dont mix
  11. corbin1234

    Blue Face Angel

    wonderful fish, how much you score him for?
  12. corbin1234

    New pics for enjoyment

    just wondering, how big and how old? the tank that is...otherwise nice shrooms
  13. corbin1234

    9 month 100g. taking shape =)

    lookin good, very healthy, very colorful
  14. corbin1234

    8 Month Old 55 Gallon Tons Of Pics!

    yes montipora is a sps, good luck with only pc's, ive seen it happen but it doesnt happen often
  15. corbin1234

    My 75 gallon tank.

    naso + 75gallons = you [hr] > trust me, that fish doesn't belong--you may thank me later
  16. corbin1234

    whos says the sun isnt bright

    i dont think anyones gonna agrue that the sun isnt bright, very nice tank, i would look into that cyno problem, could just be the new tank though, That is the coolest fish ever!!!! Does is just perch on that leather all day
  17. corbin1234


    i got one
  18. corbin1234

    FUn with Photoshop...

    if you can afford this hobby, photoshop is nothing! $100 basicly anywhere you look
  19. corbin1234

    Whole Tank Pictures

    wow fanker that is a scratch!! sucks, can't wait to see your new one
  20. corbin1234

    tuesday night 5 pack just wanted to show the 180 some more

    sweet!!! very informative can you also e-mail me where you got your sump