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    What's compatible with maroon clown?

    a maroon is kinda pushing it in a 20 IF you must, a small fish
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    i can not add fish to my tank

    any power heads or air pumps?
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    i can not add fish to my tank

    what kind of gravel how much gravel what type of filtration
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    i can not add fish to my tank

    ps. welcome aboard
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    welcome aboard! you're gonna love this hobby. you are going to want more LR what are you doing for filtration and circulation?
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    i can not add fish to my tank

    any nitrIte? this too must ZERO and quit wasting your money on cycle stuff makes good garbage filler if you ask me how much LR do you have? what kind of and how much gravel do you have? what do you use for filtration? circulation? and aeration? do you clean the gravel and rock at all?
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    sushi lovers?

    Originally posted by JacknJill well, ive never had it but id like to try it. because i love fish cooked gotta try it at least once. it is nothing like what you expext, it even tastes less fishy than fried.! and as well, it does i eat it all, as well and not all sushi is fish, correct. it is...
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    just checking in to inform those who were wondering where i have been.... and those who dont care as well last wed. morn. Gabriel and Ethan made me a happy father. My boys are several weeks premature and progressing well, considering. but with each day, they are getting stronger and better...
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    My Shark Egg

    now now, sarcasm and comedy is a good thing, but please dont let newcomers or those dreaming of sharks think this could be advice. it could become detrimental to someone just reading this post alter on. i do realize you are kidding about the aquaclear but you never know who may take you...
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    Some Friendly Advice To All Shark Addicts

    :jumping: :jumping: well put
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    My Shark Egg

    Originally posted by SMoney hey gasguzzler i have asked people at petstore and lfs and they have said yah ur fine with a baby bamboo in that tank. so pleez just stay happy i think just about all of us have made this mistake, at least one time NOTE: this mistake, being the one where we ask...
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    My Shark Egg

    sharks are delicate and moving them is extremely stressful. please try and care for them properly from the start!!!
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    AND for any of us who can't remember to keep things cool, here is a thought i heard the other day concerning politics and voting. it is not necessarily who is better or worse, but more like: asking me whether i would rather get shot in the head or shot in the chest we all have our beliefs on...
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    well, this is definitely news. however, LET US ALL REMEMBER politics can be touchy and we need to remember to keep it under control here. generally, i dont wait for issues,. BUT, this is the news of the day and supressing it may or may not be a good thing. so, as long as we all stay civil. ALL...
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    What else should I get in my 75gal set up?

    fighting conch, if you are having probs, you could go with 2 in that size of tank figthing conchs normeally get 2 to 3 inches is all for crabs, maybe an emerald too.
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    shark post in fish discussion

    i would not even start there. many people do with the intention of getting a bigger tank later.... most often, the move is not made, and even if it is, it is very stressful on the shark before it happens and jsut as stressful during the move
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    Party Lights?

    i wouldn't, the lights we use, are not only chosen because of color, but also spectrum and intensity. these 3 things combined, affect the growth and health of the tank inhabitants. including your corlas and or algae(both wanted and unwated may do better or worse, normally it is NOT for the...
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    What else should I get in my 75gal set up?

    about 10 more, what type of conch? this would be pushing it, but an false percula would add a little more color and definitely some soft corals how old is the tank? is it ready for corals? the type would definitely depend upon lighting, of course. and the eibli
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    ADDING Sand???

    you will probably use all of it. in a 55 i built, it took 3 x 50 lb bags pretty easily. if you can, you i would add the LS last
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    have a shark question......

    Originally posted by hardasaroc the tank is 5' long and you can tell that his nose is starting to heal up some. i caught him so if he dies i didnt waste my money on him. stillnot big enough. what kind of 75 do you have that is 5 ft long anyway?? what are teh dimensions and how much did it...