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  1. jojo_b

    Jelly Fish Tank

    The website says that jellyfish can be added within an hour of the globe being set up, but what about the cycling process?
  2. jojo_b

    Power Head Help

    Sounds like something's off with the impeller (sp?). I'd take a close look to make sure nothing's cracked.
  3. jojo_b

    Sump Questions

    The HOB filter bag should work fine, but you need to be able to tie it off at the top so no charcoal gets out.
  4. jojo_b

    Murky water

    Filtration definitely helps. I'd keep that going for sure.
  5. jojo_b

    What are these things???

    The red stuff may be the beginnings of coralline algae, especially if they are tough to get off the glass... But without seeing a picture it's hard to tell. I'm pretty sure that you can buy scrapers that can do the trick of removing them, if they bother you.
  6. jojo_b

    stowaway id?

    This one might give more detail; when I try and make the other picture bigger, I lose resolution. There's fringe on the front pair of legs, by the by.
  7. jojo_b

    ohh no rid ich and feather dusters

    Yup, a water change is a good idea. Have you moved the fish into quarantine?
  8. jojo_b

    stowaway id?

    I'm attaching a picture of a trio of crabs that arrived with my live rock, and am hoping to get some info to identify them. The largest is about 1.5 inches and very compressed dorso-ventrally; very good for sliding into cracks in the rock, as I found out. They each have one pair of long...
  9. jojo_b

    A pistol shrimp comaptibilty question....

    The pistols I've seen are pretty friendly and don't bother anyone. I doubt you'll have any trouble from yours. :)
  10. jojo_b

    In tank refugium.

    Pods are pretty good at hiding. I only see ones in my display tank after all the lights are out, and even then they keep a low profile.
  11. jojo_b

    Is it dead?

    Do you think it might be shedding? They do that from time to time.
  12. jojo_b

    Are these worms harmful?

    Almost looks like a little bristleworm. I leave mine alone, since they haven't eaten anything important and they are detritovores (I think).
  13. jojo_b

    I found out why I am losing all my new additions, how can I fix it-?

    How are you doing the acclimation? I've drip acclimated for about 2 hrs without seeing an appreciable temp change between waters. I'd make sure your water parameters are good, as well as adding a small heater to the acclimation bucket (just in case).
  14. jojo_b

    Can i put sanddollars in my fishtank

    Probably starvation.
  15. jojo_b

    Ideal water conditions?

    ...The ideal conditions for what exactly? Some parameters depend on what you want to keep, is why I ask.
  16. jojo_b

    evaporation question

    Originally Posted by brad pitt oh wow thats a lot! yeah one time i went on a 3 day vacation and when i came back my water was almost half, about 10 ml less my filter would have stopped working. i got lucky there. You might want to consider an auto top-off to prevent that from happening next time.
  17. jojo_b

    Surface Scum problem

    I don't know what size tank you have, but I have a 10gal and when the surface scums up, I use a paper towel for manual skimming. It works pretty well for me.
  18. jojo_b

    Hydor Flo Rotating Water Deflector

    I have a Hydor. I like it, and would buy another one, but I also agree that a wave maker is probably a better deal.
  19. jojo_b

    To Scrape or Not To Scrape

    If it's coraline algae, I leave it on the back but scrape the front and sides (well I will in a minute), but the rest of the algae I scrape off no matter where it is.
  20. jojo_b

    Weird Death?

    I dunno if you've mentioned this in a different thread, but how old is your tank? And I echo the previous question of acclimation methods.