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  1. offsetfactor

    Look what I'm doing to my Reef.

    Originally Posted by skiutah I admit... I'm a sucker. I always want to be the first... Well in that case, let me be the first to offer you and your company first rights to develop my beach front property in Nebraska.
  2. offsetfactor

    Look what I'm doing to my Reef.

    Originally Posted by skiutah and it will also detect viruses such as ick, etc, etc... you cant be serious...
  3. offsetfactor

    will algaecide kill coralline?

    Originally Posted by turtlegirl933 Yes, it will kill ALL ALGEA as well as the algea inside corals. Again, he doesn't have any coral...moot point. Looks to me like the product is meant to speed up the nitrifying bacteria to more effectively convert nitrates before any nuisance algae has the...
  4. offsetfactor

    Wearing Rubber gloves.

    Originally Posted by earlybird I'm not worried so much about the water just direct contact. That said, my gloves are so tight that often my hand comes out dry or pretty dry. And if they dont fit that well a simple rubber band or hair tie around the wrist works well...
  5. offsetfactor

    I bought 125 lbs. LR which arrived still in it's

    I would think with ammonia that high anything beneficial left in the rocks is long gone, even bacteria...i would do several water changes to get the level down so the rock can start to recover. I would imagine that this rock wont be good to use in a DT for several weeks...
  6. offsetfactor

    Zoa troubles (pics)

    Originally Posted by Yosemite Sam This appears to be a type of zoo pox. Unfortunately this may be the case. I lost a 100+ head colony of the same color as yours to this when the weather changed here. You can see the small white spots starting to form on the closed polyps. There is a treatment...
  7. offsetfactor

    Anyone in PA looking for some SPS frags? Eastern PA

    I am headed to Park City Center on Friday for the Black Friday sales...are you going to be around?
  8. offsetfactor

    Power Outage

    I have always wondered how long you could get by on just the essentials (Power heads and heater) on a car battery and a power inverter...
  9. offsetfactor

    Can a Frag be Damaged by...

    Thats what i thought. Judging from where the flesh WAS left, it was freshly cut with a wet saw. It had very nice clean cuts. There was air in the bag...this is disappointing.
  10. offsetfactor

    Can a Frag be Damaged by...

    Being put in a really large bag for shipment with no form of padding, ie a couple extra bags in the water, causing it to roll and bounce around during shipment? I ordered a 1" frag of Hydnophora from someone online and it was shipped in a huge bag of water. It arrived DOA with pieces of its...
  11. offsetfactor

    aquarium pharmaceuticals

    I believe each drop is 20...20 drops is 400, so you are looking 22-23 drops for 450...
  12. offsetfactor

    For those who can't spell

    Firefox also has a built in spell checker in their new version. If you left click where you are typing there is a "spell check this field" option....
  13. offsetfactor

    Zoa Pox, Advice Please...

    My original zoo colony closed up partially about 5 days ago, i attributed it to my recent change of bulbs. Yesterday they were closed completely and i noticed what i am assuming is zoa pox. Now i read about a supposed cure on Zoaid, but i have a problem getting them out. I got them on a frag...
  14. offsetfactor

    Need Help with Protein Skimmer

    if its for up to 65 gal thats a CSS will find more info searching that. If the skimmer is hanging on the back of the tank, the output is full open if the tab on the red knob is pointed to the front or the 6 o'clock position.
  15. offsetfactor

    Need Help with Protein Skimmer

    Even the directions say that once the skimmer is broken in that only the red knob on the outlet should be used to adjust flow, not the valve between the pump and skimmer. Like you noticed, when you dial down the flow with that valve bubble production stops. Sounds to me that you have the red...
  16. offsetfactor

    Need Help with Protein Skimmer

    Next time i have the pump off to clean it i am going to do the fishing line mod, glad to hear a review from someone that it is worth it.
  17. offsetfactor

    Need Help with Protein Skimmer

    I just set up a CSS 65 HOB style on my tank...i did a couple things to make it work better, maybe i can help you. First thing to do is to remove the valve that goes between the pump and skimmer, this will put the pump about 1-1 1/2" below the water surface which will help collect more junk since...
  18. offsetfactor

    Lawnmower Blennie in a QT???

    Mine has been acting the same way. I have had him in QT for a week now. Hasnt shown any interest in algae sheets, but i did watch him swimming around biting at the glass and PVC caves i made him. I am assuming he was going after some micro algae that has formed...
  19. offsetfactor

    Whats up with my Acan?

    Bump....they known to just change color?
  20. offsetfactor

    Whats up with my Acan?

    i'm not concerned, but this piece has always been kinda bland color wise, but now it has this orange streak in it, i was wondering if it was possible that it was changing colors or what?? It eats like a pig...i am sure it is healthy.