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  1. jay0705

    Moray eel help

    What size tank and how old is the tank? Water prams?
  2. jay0705

    I just got a 2-in lionfish

    What type of lion?
  3. jay0705

    Few questions

    Brine shrimp honestly is horrible nutrition. I feed spriruliana brine only because of the algae in it. Mysis is a far better choice. Also a good pellet food. Such as new life spectrum. Variety is key when feeding sw fish. I feed 5 different types of frozen food. I would also feed twice a day...
  4. jay0705

    Converting 36gal from fresh to salt

    If you want an nem, you will need good strong lighting. They require good water quality and strong lighting. High end leds or stronger lights. Corals will do well with those aswell. Fish for 36 reef. Look into fairy wrasse, fire fish, dotty backs
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    Due to tank size i wouldn't try a mandarin. Fire fish are good, they do jump tho. Clown gobys, diamond goby, are a few other options
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    What size tank do you have?
  7. jay0705

    Porcupine pufferfish

    Agreed. I love sw
  8. jay0705

    Porcupine pufferfish

    No different then any other fish. 1.020-1.026 sg. No ammonia or nitrite. Very low nitrate
  9. jay0705

    75 gallon Stock list

    Aslong as you go rt from one to another your fine and should have minimal die off. I like the shapes avb with the carib sea life rock, but its not a true live rock. Its not as porous. You can definitely use it tho. I would add some lime stone base rock aswell. I have both in my tank. I started...
  10. jay0705

    75 gallon Stock list

    Most reef safe wrasse are not aggressive at all. I have a 4" melnurus wrasse with a 1.5" mcCoskers wrasse and no issues
  11. jay0705

    75 gallon Stock list

    Butterflies are best in bigger tanks. 125 and up. Especially the 2 you mentioned. The gramma is good, also the 1 spot fox. The cardinals are not a fav of mine. I've never had luck. Neither have a few friends of mine. As far as an angel. The cb will be easier and generally nicer. However few...
  12. jay0705

    Spawning Pair of Clown Fish

    Agree w above. Definitely need more info on your tank. Especially with clownfish. Most now are captive bred and very hardy. You shouldn't have any issues if the water prams are good
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    Try a local fb sw group
  14. jay0705

    where to buy cheap copepods

    Yes its safe to buy online.
  15. jay0705

    Protein Skimmer or not?

    A skimmer is definitely very helpful. Especially with wanting corals. For a reef tank is probably 2nd only to lighting. Fowlr tanks a skimmer is not needed.
  16. jay0705

    75g Stocking Advice

    Yes only 1 type of angel per tank. They do not mix well. Your list is the max for the tank but should be ok.
  17. jay0705

    75g Stocking Advice

    Only 1 angel per tank. Coral beauty is the easiest. Leopard wrasse can be very tricky to keep. Other than that, your fine
  18. jay0705

    Yellow Tang in really bad shape - please help!

    For being 25 yrs old your doing something rt. Maybe try some macro algae. Soak food in selcon. It could be HHLE or just old age. If its HHLE. Clean water and good diet
  19. jay0705

    Snowflake moray eel

    Egg crate used for lighting. They can/ will get out of the smallest opening.
  20. jay0705

    HOB Protein Skimmer and HOB filter

    It will depend on your bio load. The more heavily stocked the tank the more filtration you'll need