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  1. howardj

    What car do you drive?

    04 Chrysler Crossfire
  2. howardj

    Sun Coral question

    Mysis every other day
  3. howardj

    HowardJ's Random Picture Thread

    thank you :)
  4. howardj

    HowardJ's Random Picture Thread

    really crappy fts:
  5. howardj

    need a new camera

    I have a D60. absolutely love it. Nikon D40 is cheaper, though.
  6. howardj

    Debris' 10 Gallon

    And to Howard in Indiana: I went to Uncle Bills on East Washington St, you know anywhere better around here? Oh and I read that about keeping different types of clowns, just forgot to update my profile... Indianapolis, you could check ouy Premium Aquatics. I'm pretty sure...
  7. howardj

    HowardJ's Random Picture Thread

    Wow, I should log on here more. Thanks for filling in for me, Graham! Are you still in the hobby? Mindy - That is a Sunset Montipora
  8. howardj

    Debris' 10 Gallon

    What is the name of the fish store? I agree with everyone else, T5's are great. But if you have the money, I would buy a Viper 70 watt Metal Halide fixture. That is from my experience with one of my 10 gallon tanks. I looked at your profile (to see where in Indiana you are, I'm {stuck} here...
  9. howardj

    Itsy Bitsy...

    Originally Posted by Tang Master id keep an eye on that shrimp. I agree. Peppermints seem to be more of a nuisance than they are help.
  10. howardj

    HowardJ's Random Picture Thread

    Originally Posted by Brokendeck Wow Very Nice. Love The Acans. What Are Those Yellow Poly Looking Things? Thanks :) I'm going to guess you are talking about my Sun Coral? Tubastrea Faulkneri
  11. howardj

    HowardJ's Random Picture Thread

    Woo! That's a Lot. I'm done, hope you enjoy
  12. howardj

    HowardJ's Random Picture Thread

  13. howardj

    yasha goby question

    No. It will stay hidden and mostly end it's life if it doesn't have another yasha, or a pistol shrimp. It will be more visible with a Pistol, but will not be free swimming constantly.
  14. howardj

    ok, this is ridiculous.

    Why is it that EVERY time I log on here I see a thread like this? Everytime? I can see why you're leaving Alix, this forum has gone down the crap-hole. You're welcome to the other side anytime
  15. howardj

    Is there a 2009 Contest?

    yeah. why facebook? what's the link? i don't know anything about facebook.