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  1. sw65galma

    Urchin Pro Help

    I need someone to measure for me where the "water Line" is in relation to the bottom of the Urchin Pro... I got mine used and the sticker came off and I have no idea where to have the water level. Thanks
  2. sw65galma

    PEACOCK MANTIS hitchiker in my REEF!!!

    With a 500g, I would go with 4 x 400W HQI the electronic ballast, im not sure which model numbers those are. I'm at work.
  3. sw65galma

    Blue Linkia in a 55

    Originally Posted by drewdog82 I just wanted to add some nice blue to my tank, because none of the fish with nice blue are small enough for a 55 and I can't find any nice blue inverts... My last chance is corals, and I know there are some nice blue mushrooms.... if anyone has any ideas on how I...
  4. sw65galma


    Do you want those clowns to be mantis food. Just about every online place has them, you can order.. Or just ask your LFS to order you one...
  5. sw65galma

    I might have a mantis, but not sure

    If its a quick succession of click more likely to be a pistol. One here and there..could be a mantis.
  6. sw65galma he dying?

    Originally Posted by matjack he just shed the night before I took this picture. All sheddings were gone. bright color, all polips extended. 24hrs later, he looks like this...but thanks guys. my gs is at 1023. Is this high enough for the corals? Slowly bring it up to 1.025-.1026
  7. sw65galma

    Blue Linkia in a 55

    Originally Posted by drewdog82 By any chance are any of the ones u 2 just listed- blue??? No, Blue have only a 1% survuial rate in the home aquaria.
  8. sw65galma

    Eel ?

    Originally Posted by PFitz44 There is TI in Framingham.... also check out bostonreefers dot org. Local reef club. Send me an email if you want more info patrickfitzgerald at Ya that's who had the wolf that thing was scary.
  9. sw65galma

    PEACOCK MANTIS hitchiker in my REEF!!!

    Originally Posted by Reef Diver The peacock mantis is a smasher type mantis. They use a large "heel" on their forefront legs to smash open a shell of a snail/hermit, etc. This mantis will not kill fish, however when very large, such as your specimen, the peacock will smash the side of the...
  10. sw65galma

    1 gallon salt tank??

    Originally Posted by BobWire Where is your sense of adventure? People said the sound barrier could not be broke. I say you prove him (oceanist) wrong and make it work. :cheer: I've seen them work..someone rigged up a dosing pump to "drip" freshwater in at a very slow rate equal to the...
  11. sw65galma

    Please Help! Lost everything

    Even if they fish are small, you shouldn't be adding fish that fast...No more than 1 per month or 2. Tangs and angels would be better after the tank is 6mons old... Trust things slow and you'll get better results.. I always say..the ocean wasn't built overnight...neither will your tank...
  12. sw65galma

    Show fish for tank

    You can have different tangs as long as they are added together...
  13. sw65galma

    Stirring sand/cc

    Originally Posted by Merredeth Frozen krill (defrosted of course) placed under a star will be good for him. I think sw65galma will probably agree with me on that one. It has been the experience of many that tells us that you'll need a bigger tank to keep him happy. By the way, welcome to the...
  14. sw65galma

    Stirring sand/cc

    First off sand sifting stars do not eat Algae... They eat pods, worms, diatoms and other critters in the sand bed. Some will take spot feeding...but much like a mandarin they generally don't. They will slowly starve over the course of a few months and one day you will notice that you haven't...
  15. sw65galma

    Do we really know what we are doing?

    AS much as I hate to say it, finding nemo was both bad and good for the hobby. It brought a lot of bad people who wanted dory in a 5 gal tank, but it brought a lot of good people as well.. Myself included. This hobby is not for everyone...I myself is taking a break from it...I'm keeping 2 eels...
  16. sw65galma

    PEACOCK MANTIS hitchiker in my REEF!!!

    Originally Posted by FISHY7 It really appears that way. Very sorry, . Guess, I feel your pain.... This darn mantis is a pain in the butt. The upside, this is good schooling for the next mantis . Stan: Mantis shrimp are horrible in a large system but great in a small setting. I...
  17. sw65galma

    Stirring sand/cc

    Originally Posted by Merredeth Snails, hermit crabs, engineer goby. How much water turnover do you have in your tank? Five times the amount of water per hour would be a good start. About 275 gallons per hour would be the minimum if my book. I like to shoot a little higher than five times...
  18. sw65galma

    Stirring sand/cc

    Originally Posted by Merredeth You forgot to mention the horseshoe crab. It will outgrow the tank if it manages to live as odds are they will starve in a 55 gallon tank. Denise M. Nope i said that...but definaltely good to bring back up. Originally Posted by sw65galma Make no mistake, they...
  19. sw65galma


    Originally Posted by Tanks Alot i wanted probably a trigger an angel and a lunare wrasse can you make suggestions on what type of triggers and angel. i use to have a humahuma in my old tank i liked them but my was very agressive so i had bad expierence with the huma See that's the problem with...
  20. sw65galma

    Do we really know what we are doing?

    My take on this is: There are some rules...but with every rule there are exceptions.. Since we are dealing with living creatures, they have resiliance and adapt. Each specimen is different just like we all are..some are fighters and some are quitters, some are mean and bad and some a nice. You...