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  1. nina&noah

    Teacher beats the heck out of a student

    Okay crypt I can see your point. I mentioned my child's age, because I was being honest about my experience. I don't think you advocate hitting 3 year olds. I was arguing the phrase "If you spare the rod, you hate your child." Which I know you didn't say. I was just saying that I don't...
  2. nina&noah

    Teacher beats the heck out of a student

    Originally Posted by JTT I 100% agree! Plain and simple: if you spare the rod, you hate your child. I soooooo do not agree with this!!!!! I agree with cranberry 100%!!!! People are too lazy or too ignorant to discipline their children in an appropriate efffective way. That is the problem...
  3. nina&noah

    Hi Everyone!

    Originally Posted by Scotts Hi Jennifer, at least I hope I am remembering your name right. Glad to see you are doing well. My daughter still love the flute that you helped me out with! Yes, you remembered my name right! I'm glad she still likes it. I got my flute out for my son a...
  4. nina&noah

    Hi Everyone!

    I don't know....Noah's eyes were already brown by 3 months. My eyes are green, so we are thinking they might change to green later.
  5. nina&noah

    An EXTREME test of 'thriftiness' (PART 2)

    Hey, I just came across this thread (a little late, I know). This is a great thing you are doing! To give this up so you and your son can take that trip is really great! I hope your son appreciates this. I've never given anything up (I've always been kind of a goody-goody), so I can't offer...
  6. nina&noah

    Hi Everyone!

    Here is one of all three of my boys! This one is more recent, you can really see the baby's blue eyes. I can't believe he got those eyes, because as you can see genetics did not favor blue!
  7. nina&noah

    Hi Everyone!

    Okay, I did that on my laptop and for some reason it didn't work. So I have to post pictures on this computer and start threads on my laptop!
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    Hi Everyone!

    Its been a while! I've been very busy lately. I had the baby on January 21st, so he will be 4 months old tomorrow. Everyone is doing great. Baby had a significant case of Jaundice in the beginning, but he is fine now. He is a big boy, he weighed 8lbs 11oz at birth, but now he is 16+ pounds...
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    Upgrade suggestions / things that need fixing

    AHHHHHH I go and have a baby, and now everything has changed!!!! I can't start a new thread either. When I hit the button, nothing shows up on the screen. What happened to this message board!!
  10. nina&noah

    Happy birthday nina&noah !

    Thanks everyone!!!! I had a great, relaxing day with my family. We are still awaiting the arrival of my new baby which is due any day now. He didn't come on my birthday, so we don't have to share!
  11. nina&noah

    You know what Organic Veggies or Fruit really means?

    I buy organic berries the majority of the time and buy other organic produce depending on the price. I buy them because 1. I think they taste better and 2. because I don't want to consume the chemicals and waxes that are put on our food. Also, I don't know if it is true or not, but I've read...
  12. nina&noah

    Its Snowing and I love it.

    Originally Posted by Noah's Nemo All i know is ,I have to drag my dog out of the snow,otherwise he would sit out there all day Love this picture!!!! I bet when he finally does come in he is a mess!!!!
  13. nina&noah

    Its Snowing and I love it.

    Originally Posted by meowzer I could live like that In the SE corner of OK I am in....we get very little snow, but it actually gets cold Not like NY though...I do NOT miss that weather I told my husband we need to go south...and my pick is FLORIDA Hot and humid gets old pretty fast! It is...
  14. nina&noah

    Its Snowing and I love it.

    All this talk of snow is making me sad. My family in Houston even got snow. Us.....we don't even get out of the 80s!!!!!
  15. nina&noah

    They're here!

    Congratulations!!!! I hope they get out of the NICU soon. They are absolutely adorable.
  16. nina&noah

    Named storm in the gulf

    Originally Posted by stdreb27 I wouldn't worry about it, it is just a really big thunderstorm. Unless you're living in a shack, or in a flood prone area. +1.... I've been through enough of these storms to know that Tropical Storms are just big thunderstorms with names. They are no big deal...
  17. nina&noah

    Forced vaccines...

    Originally Posted by reefraff Put down the pipe and open a window. What, now Al Qeada doesn't exist? I guess 9-11 was a Hollywood production that never happened. +1....I shouldn't get in the middle of this, but saying Al Queda doesn't exist is an insult to all of the people who lost their...
  18. nina&noah

    Men and Women, who is superior? You decide.

    Originally Posted by PEZenfuego You didn't punctuate it at all... Any way that it is punctuated, it requires more than a period at the end. I know Pez, because that is the way I read it. When I look at it all it needs is a period! Now give me the answer you are looking for. What are they...
  19. nina&noah

    Forced vaccines...

    Bringing this tread back to the original topic, I did some more research and came up with this from What about pregnant and/or nursing mothers? This is a little scary. The flu shots are ALREADY recommended for pregnant and nursing moms, BUT (and this is a really huge but) the...
  20. nina&noah

    More punctuation.

    Originally Posted by meowzer What kind of kookie sentence is that??????? I'm with meowzer! I can't even read that sentence, let alone correct it!