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  1. al mc

    My dog is sick, I need some advice

    It will cost more and they may ask your vet for a copy of medical records then exclude certain illnesses based on those records.
  2. al mc

    My dog is sick, I need some advice

    Foods: Raw diets: These are fine if properly handled. Problem: Many people do not properly handle them and they become contaminated with Salmonella, etc.. If you are careful they can be great especially if you have a dog or cat with confirmed food allergies Basic digestion: I was literally...
  3. al mc

    My dog is sick, I need some advice

    In my experience German Shepard dogs have the most finicky intestinal tracts. Many of these guys/gals have food allergies and can't tolerate certain proteins or carbohydrates. In addition, many of them have Pancreatic insufficiencies where their pancreas is not producing enough of the...
  4. al mc

    Starfish problem, help!

    If you can post a picture and include some basic information (size of tank, other inhabitants, water parameters...SG, pH, ammonia, nitrates, nitrates, Temp) then people have the best chance of helping you. In general, brittle stars are fairly hardy but most of the smooth (orange, red, blue)...
  5. al mc

    Vodka Dosing.

    Bringing up an old thread to add a new question......... I have been vodka dosing my two display tanks for almost two years. I have decided to try to do this 'automatically' by adding the Vodka directly to my RODI top off water container. I calculated the average daily amount of top off water...
  6. al mc

    How to Cure Saltwater Ich

    I don't visit the site for several months and I am immediately drawn to another Joe/Beth/Ich thread. It is great to see some new people on the forum and Joe (who is quite knowledgeable) indicating that he is not an expert! Some things never change! Hello to all. Al Mc PS At least no one...
  7. al mc

    Anyone ever had to fire a friend?

    Do you want to try to rehabilitate him or is it so bad that you need to make a clean quick break. If rehab. This would be a group meeting in my mind as you all need to be on board with keeping/rehabing him. Perfect timing with new year coming in that you can have a 'lt's review the past year...
  8. al mc

    Who Still Has A Tank And Livestock?

    Still have both my reefs going. One at home, one at work. I would never shut the work one down as my clients, and their kids, have come to expect to see 'Nemo'. Electric bills big. What I have done is add Nothing new,( except lighting upgrade over a year ago), in the last three years. I...
  9. al mc

    A 'RISKY' Investment but Nonetheless a Rescue Effort Underway

    I have no idea from the description or pictures what is ailing this fish. I would suggest a less stressful HT though. 1. too many reflective will become disoriented and further stressed..cover the back and bottom with dark paper. 2. too much light.....I would turn the light...
  10. al mc

    the good ol days

    Quote: Originally Posted by GeriDoc children. I remember when I was in graduate school riding around north Jersey looking for a gas station that still had gas for less than $.30/gallon. Those were the good ole days! Plus one. I will age myself here...but when I was 10 my parents...
  11. al mc

    Water pump question little giant vs. mag 5

    The Mag pumps can be used externally but I have seen several of them start to leak over time. If you were to use the mag internally I think you would be fine....but for your application I would go to a '7' with an inline valve so you could regulate the flow.
  12. al mc

    Should I boil rock from a diseased tank ? Ok to take shrimp from same tank?

    If you think the tang had Ich, unfortunately, your tank now has Ich. read a couple of Beth's archived threads about treating Ich. Also, best way to eliminate most parasitic diseases in this hobby is to remove the hosts (usually the fish) and the parasites will die. so, I would not boil the...
  13. al mc

    My fish are dying within hours of eachother!

    Quote: Originally Posted by Dcummings89 nitrate between 20 and 40. Nitrite between 0 and .5 It's not quite 0 but not quite .5... Alkalinity 300 ph 7.9 A couple thoughts: Research Beth's archived posts or other references for 'Marine velvet'. It follows a pattern of fish death similar to...
  14. al mc

    Happy Valley Not So Happy

    Quote: Originally Posted by Beth According to CNN, McQueary has been placed on indefinite leave. If he doesn't leave on his own, I can't see him not getting fired as well. What he did was totally unbelievable. A grown man watch a child rape, and walks away? I'm not a man, but that perv would...
  15. al mc

    Anyone here cook "natural foods" for their dog?

    CBerry..sent you a PM. Al Mc
  16. al mc

    PUPPIES! There are being born right now!

    Quote: Originally Posted by TeresaQ in my experiance, once the pups hit 6 to 7 weeks, mom spends less time with them to wean them. She is tired of them bothering her all the time lol By 8 weeks, they are fully weaned, and mom is getting on with her life. hahaha. My mom dobies had 13 and boy...
  17. al mc

    PUPPIES! There are being born right now!

    Quote: Originally Posted by Flower Thanks Al Mc, LOL...where were you when the pups were being born???? I thought everyone lived on this site like I do...LOL Thanks for the tip on cottrage cheese, we have indeed been giving her puppy chow, she likes the dry food but the wet puppy food my vet...
  18. al mc

    PUPPIES! There are being born right now!

    Sorry I missed the last two days. The info you have been given is very good as I read through the thread. Feeding mom: 10 pups is a large nutritional burden for mom. I would feed her the 'puppy chow' you intend to feed the pups when you wean them. She will get added protein and vitamins and...
  19. al mc

    10 Puppies!

    Quote: Originally Posted by reefraff When I was a kid we had a shepard that bred with our collie shepard cross. 15 pups, one was stillborn though. This was the dogs third litter I believe. Even so my mom had to do some work with a couple of the runts. You are probably going to have to provide a...
  20. al mc

    I have puppy questions..

    If you are unsure if she is pregnant or having a false pregnancy you can take her to your local vet for a radiograph. They can confirm pregnancy and the number of pups so you know how many to expect. They can also probably give you some idea when they are due based on skeletal detail. While...