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    i went to my lfs yesterday and picked out a new clown(a smaller one than my original one) and as soon as i put it in, the little guy swam right up to my old one and started following it. They are getting along fine. Thanks Guys!!!
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    ONe of my clownfish died, it jumped over the sump wall and was killed by the pump ht eother day. I will go to the lfs today to buy a cover for it, but i was wondering if it is safe to get another clown? CAuse although my original 2 werent a mated pair they seemed to get along. Do you think the...
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    The worms and the rocks

    thanks guys!! I didnt see to many a few days ago. And I had my light on all day yesterday. I turned it off like 20 mins ago and there is a disgusting amount of them all over this one rock in my tank. This is my new 29 gallon biocube. So there is nothing for them to feed on in there. SHOuld i...
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    The worms and the rocks

    I moved a few pieces of LR from my 75(which will be broken down) into my 29 Biocube. I have seen an abundace of bristle worms in the first rock I did. I gave it a freshwater dip and spray since I wasn't concerned whether that rock stayed live. And Quite a few of those guys came out of the rock...
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    Would I kill this LR?

    I moved up a few pieces and I spy Mucho bristle worms. Should I leave them, or what? I know some can be a good thing?? BUt I dont want a tank infested with them. I still have pieces of rock to movewhich are bound to have some more!
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    Would I kill this LR?

    I havent ben here in a loooong time. but I got a question. I am going to use the live rock from my 75 gallon tank to kick start the cycle and build my rock structure in my new biocube and I have a question. I am afraid there might be some less than desirable creepy crawlies hiding in some of...
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    How Did You Come Up With Your Screen Name?

    Originally Posted by nina&noah Nina is the adorable dog in my avatar and Noah is my 2 year old son. He was born the same month that my aquarium was set up. I didn't think the name through, because now that I am pregnant my new little one will be left out! you should have a "+" on the end
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    how many of you use it?!?!?
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    Is anyone located in CT or MA?

    I was apart of C.T.A.R.S. I think they may have had a forum or a section in a another one. I think that abuot all I can say Id google it to get more info
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    What race are you?

    Originally Posted by Scotts 100% Mutt +1 i only know my mums side. Sometime i wish i had some sort of heritage tho it seems like everyone around me is like 100% or 50/50 or something like that.
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    Happy 10th Anniversary Sponge Bob!

    spongebob rocks my world!!! <3
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    IM back!!

    Hello again everyone! I recognize some of you, I hopeyou recognize me haha. I just got a hold of a working computer and I came here. But it feels like im wearing someone elses shoes. Whats did I miss???
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    Hello again!!! I have a ?

    I like that idea, but what type of coral and such wud I use??? Edit: I gotta make a proposal for my study, so are there any other mysteries, or un-looked into controversies in this hobby or marine life in general?
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    Hello again!!! I have a ?

    Wowo I haven't been here in sooooo long. My computer is broken so I haven't been on the Internet much at all. I have a question, I am loooking to do an independent study for a class next year. I would like to do one on something saltwater related since that is a primary career choice of mine...
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    IBTL Question on nasty apartment

    it would be easier to burnn and start from scratch than to clean it!
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    Really strange pic. The hand of God?

    Originally Posted by SCSInet I dunno... I always imagined that God would have tentacles. Originally Posted by uneverno Flying Spaghetti Monster?
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    Good Poems?

    poem by sylvia plath. its about a bee box. edit: got it "The arrival of the bee box"
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    Hollywood is lame!

    Originally Posted by ruaround i had a bad case of dragonball once... it was a scuffer...
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    Hollywood is lame!

    ugg I am afraid of how this dragonball movie is gonna turn out. So far, I head it sucked from people who have seen it with prescreening tickets, and I think a few people downloaded it. They said some of the fights were good but the plot had major holes.