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    Thanks everyone.
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    Yeah I was kinda lurking for a little while LOL its been so long since I was on I figured I would feel somethings out first ya know.
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    Hey all there are a lot of old faces and a lot of new faces around since I was on before. There has a lot been going on in my life that has well lets just not been so good to me. I am back online now though and hopefully be able to reconnect with some old friends and make some new ones and help...
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    Need some help!

    This thread has quickly spun out of control by reading it and several posts having to be edited and deleted. So its getting locked. To the original posted if you feel so please start a new thread. To everyone that has chosen to flame and name call this is not what this site is about while...
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    Haitian Anenome

    I always had a problem with Haitian Anemones moving they do not like to stay in one place at all. make sure powerheads and intakes are covered because they will find them and get ripped apart. also watch you clown if it starts hosting the anemone can see it as food They are not a natural host to...
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    help my clownfish look like they are dying

    Sounds like they are in distress from something. What were the tests and the results that you ran. Has there been any change in water flow or temp of the tank. if you can a picture of the fish could also help. Mike
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    strange sand question

    The tension that the mag float creates can cause the sand to attract to it. its best not to get the float near the sand so it wont pick up the sand. until it gets seeded completely with bacteria it will be easy to transfer it to the mag float. also the mag float padding will pick up the sand if...
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    folded brain coral

    They wont die within hours but the sand will cause cause irritation and eventually can cause it to die. bubble corals are usually not put on the sand though they are usually attached onto the rock work. When you say they are in low light and low flow what type of lights and flow do you have on...
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    LED lighting, looking for more information all would be appreciated

    I have no experience with LED lighting I know there are several different kinds though. Have you searched for reviews online for that unit to see what other people have said? I know when LEDs starting coming out there were alot of people that were going to experiment and see how corals reacted...
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    Does the "stinging" of a lionfish hurt the fish?

    just keep an eye on him. the actual stinging part should not hurt the lion fish but the rocks are jagged and if he darted into them he may have hurt himself trying to get away from your husband. When he does show back up look at his body and make sure there are not any sores that are infected...
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    Help with kenya tree!

    with all that being said a picture would really help. The sometimes have a nasty habit of melting,
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    Help with kenya tree!

    Quote: Originally Posted by trev-salt55 A pic wont send so it looks like the bigger side of the tree is falling down qnd the little side is up right are they splitting or fraging i dont know i put alit if money into my tank and thats a main piece qnd help me find a solution could it be the...
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    How stupid can people be???

    we are finishing a million dollar remodel at the store I work at and the lobby area was closed for a couple weeks while they tore EVERYTHING out. during this time there is no seating no lights no nothing bare studs all over and NO DOORS or WINDOWS to boot. we turned around to a man and woman in...
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    I'm back...

    A very long time good see your still alive! ;-) hows everything in your part of the world? Mike
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    Sunshine systems????

    yeah there are much better units for our tanks than that and all the prices are coming down to a decent price range. I recently found a 6 bulb 36" t-5 unit that comes with all bulbs and ballast and legs for around the 170 mark with free shipping so the units are out there just gotta hunt for...
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    Feeding Eels

    raw shrimp are cheap. I usually got mine at walmart for 5$ for frozen bag it lasted a long time as well. Mike
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    Lighting Question!?

    The anemone will need much more light than the standard stock lights can provide. Look into PC lights or t-5 they are pretty cheap for that size tank and you will see dramatic results in growth and color. Welcome to the board and ask anything you might want to. Mike
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    aquasun t5 ho

    I forgot to say that some use them as dusk to dawn effect on the tank useing the atinic for 30 minutes or so before the other 10k would come on and then reverse. Mike
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    aquasun t5 ho

    The atinic is a special spectrum for the corals and it also brings out the colors of them. They are not moonlilghts though. Use both the 10k and atinic at the same time and then off at night time. Welcome to the board ask away questions and help those asking questions that you know. Make...
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    What the Heck - 120 Goldfish New set up

    I hate to admit it but when I had my goldie tank I did drive all over the state and parts of TN looking for just the right additions. I also had my reef tank so I was on a 2 fold mission I would spend at least 2 days a month traveling around to the different stores for the perfect critter. Very...