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  1. jp30338

    Anyone here have a flounder?

    Quote: Originally Posted by wayner     If you dont have any helpful info to add to the thread for other newbies like me I suggest keeping your childish comments to yourself. A newbie?? I highly doubt you even have a flounder or even a shark.   But in the slight case you actually do...Take them...
  2. jp30338

    Anyone here have a flounder?

    haha, you guys are getting TROLLED lolol   So sad...
  3. jp30338

    911 Lionfish might be in trouble

    it gonna DIE
  4. jp30338

    Stingray with open wound

    Originally Posted by indcolts56 Thanks for your quick response! He is a part of the family and we are really worried. The tank is 75 gallons, fine white sand substrate with live rock in one corner. He is the only one in the tank. We have had him almost 1 year. pictures at...
  5. jp30338

    I Told You So...

    Originally Posted by mastertech i bet he is just painting a picture. i dont think the color of the van is of much importance either but its in there. why did you not own a red van? whats wrong with red vans. (boy o boy some people just need drama) OO yea, thats it, of course... b/c the...
  6. jp30338

    I Told You So...

    Originally Posted by T316 Story.... My wife is eating at a local food joint when a (white) guy comes in yelling "if you have a blue mini-van, it just got hit". So wifey and her Dad run outside, only to see a (black) male trying to drive away. They get in front of the car and stop him, show him...
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    lol fox news
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    Help starting aggressive FOWLR

    Just an fyi, I have had my porcy puffer and lion together for over a year and a half now... I also have a sharptail eel, blonde naso tang, blackback butterfly, lunare wrasse, and goldflake angel in a 180g.
  9. jp30338

    Thoughts on a college course in Second Life?

    Originally Posted by DragonZim Stupidest thing I ever heard of in my life. Do you even know what SL is....
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    Shark ID Please

    Originally Posted by runn3rb3an Oh really? How can u tell the difference between the 2? I'm pretty sure its a coral cat though. The trigger is no threat at all. He shoots into the nearest rock when I get within 6 feet of the tank and actually gets picked on... Or use to by my clowns. Bamboo...
  11. jp30338

    Shark ID Please

    Also, that looks more like a banded bamboo shark, than a coral cat. The bamboo sharks get about a foot larger than the true cat sharks.
  12. jp30338

    Shark ID Please

    Originally Posted by runn3rb3an This thing ate all 3 of my clownfish already! Do you think my niger and bluethroat are in danger? I also have a small dragon wrasse. I would be more worried about the niger picking at the shark... The wrasse may become a snack at some point depending on how...
  13. jp30338

    Obama Wins Nobel Peace Prize

    Originally Posted by oscardeuce Was my dad a coward? He was deferred 3 times from the draft. He was an Ohio State Highway Patrolman. He went to Central State, Ohio State and Ohio Pen riots. I've put my life on the line supporting vets. Reagan deserves this award for brining down the wall...
  14. jp30338

    Obama Wins Nobel Peace Prize

    All ya haters...
  15. jp30338

    Obama Wins Nobel Peace Prize

    Originally Posted by ironeagle2006 Give me a break who gets it next. Usher for his dis of Taylor Swift at the VMA's give me a freaking Break he has DONE NOTHING his entire life and he is worth the Nobel Peace Prize. By the way, it was Kanye, not Usher....
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    Obama Wins Nobel Peace Prize

  17. jp30338

    Online gaming

    I only have time for WoW.
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    Got hit hard last night.

    Where is this?
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    Obama to address your kids at school??

    OMG! He is brainwashing us...Close ur eyes and cover ur ears!!!