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  1. h2o

    can brisle worms chewed up my colt

    I have had a wonderful growing colt that split many times and recently saw 2 large bristle underneath the colt. today all colts aren't strectching and what's are worse is one branch is literally chew up and cut in half, releasing toxic materials into the water. I don't know if i should cut the...
  2. h2o

    36" jbj pc's for sale

    is this a retro or a hood set? and there are 4 seperate bulbs?
  3. h2o

    OT: My wife is in labor

    I feel guilty !! Didn't sleep at all last night becuase wife's contraction started. knowing i will be in hospital the next few days, i started filling more water into my tank and prepared fish food for the next few days and wrote instruction to my sister how to feed. our baby boy should come...
  4. h2o

    territorial cleaner shrimps

    well, since noone responded, one of the new one got killed by the existing bigger cleaner shrimps, the other one is still being chased. too bad.
  5. h2o

    territorial cleaner shrimps

    i introduced 2 smaller cleaners today (acutally midnight 1am) when lights are all off. I even fed my existing cleaner shrimps first, and same to rest of hermits. 5 minutes later with a flash light i see my 2 old big cleaners are chasing and fighting my new ones. i didn't know cleaners are...
  6. h2o

    75 snails in a 55g reef, tell me if it's too much.

    I just purchased 50 magarita snails for my 55g, couldn't resist special price once a year. question is if it's too many for my tank since i already have 25 astrea and 5 more mexican and tronches. i also got 6 assorted shrooms and other fish bring it back to Northern California tonight to me. Is...
  7. h2o

    will a green open brain eat some silversides?

    my green brain does eat both silverside and krill. fish stealing food from brain often occurrs. so i usually feed fish and cleaners before i tuck silverside into the brain. My current problem with my green brain is that my "uncatchable" 10" bristle in right under my brain and i am hesitating to...
  8. h2o

    Bubbles from Skimmer!

    with a tank only few weeks old i don't think you need the skimmer right away. but would be good to try it to see if it works of not. just a suggestion.
  9. h2o

    suprised by sally light foot's behavior

    i always feed sally to avoid his hunger and attack my corals. Just like cleaner shrimps, he is not afraid to come close to my hand and take the krill away from me. wow :o He isn't shy no more. I feed them about every 2-3 days and i am just stunned by how the sally have changed from hiding all...
  10. h2o

    Bristel Worms

    opps<a href="" target="_blank">removing bristle</a>
  11. h2o

    Bristel Worms

    Some people like bristle in tank, some don't. I also caught 2 without much effort in the past, but i also have few more that are hard to catch, and i gave up. here is a link that tells you how to diy traps. removing bristle[/hrl]
  12. h2o

    Hey goldfish !

    Mike, no harm whatsoever intended, don't think the wrong way. You are a cool kid. My xenia stopped pulsing for an hour and it freaked me out too, but it came back. What is exactly your tank size? 80g or 100g, just curious. <img src="graemlins//confused.gif" border="0" alt="[confused]" />
  13. h2o

    Hey goldfish !

    two things: 1. thanks for teaching me how to set up my calcium reactor few wks back. my tank is getting stable alk. 2. I laughed out loud when i saw the thread with Pinapple House :D :D <img src="graemlins//uhuh.gif" border="0" alt="[U-Huh]" /> surfing the net is fun!
  14. h2o

    Kent Tech CB Calcium buffer part B

    I have a gallon of part A and B, the part B is instructed to shake before use. Today I noticed a thick big crust of built up at the bottom of this bottle, i assume it's calcium built up. So i shake it vigorously before pour 10ml into my tank. my question is: Is this bottls still good to use, i...
  15. h2o

    Ever hear of a power sweeper powerhead?

    i bought one but regret it, it's size is too big and get stuck easily. and the power isn't too much either. but i was surprised when see it says "made in Italy"
  16. h2o

    Creating a new 20g reef from 55g, still need to cycle?

    this coming weekend i will transfer live sand, some live rocks, and all water from my 55g (after water change) into a new 20g. i will also add a bag of nature's ocean. Since all the stuff from 55g are well established, should i still need to follow the cycling rule? i know about the always test...
  17. h2o

    How many powerheads in a 55??

    oh i also think how much powerhead is really depend what you are keeping inside your tank. ;)
  18. h2o

    How many powerheads in a 55??

    I have a 55G Tall and currentyly a Rio 2100 return on the top right aiming toward center of tank. bottom right a Rio 600 aiming center forward and another at the left side bottom aiming up to the surface to create some waves. so far i am lucky with my rios (cross my fingers) and I was going to...
  19. h2o

    pH in Calcium Reactor not dropping

    curious what type of media do you use, also are you using a PH probe meter?
  20. h2o

    may i turn my corner prefilter box into a refugium

    i installed a standpipe few weeks ago not to quite down the noise (never had gurgling noise) but to create more water capacity in the system. can i say that become a room for a refugium? if so what may i put in there, i don't want to put in any sand and there's no room for rocks. may i just dump...