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  1. kmart189

    Broken Glass Odyssea 48" Metal Halide

    okay FYI the glass just slides in after you undo some a piece on the end of the lamp so no screws on the glass.
  2. kmart189

    Broken Glass Odyssea 48" Metal Halide

    I woke up this morning and the glass below my bulbs was broken out and hanging out of my fixture. No idea what happend, but both sides where broken the bulbs are still good though. Any idea what might of caused this I did just change the bulbs from the crappy odyssea ones it came with to some...
  3. kmart189

    Thoughts on fake coral?

    from what I hear Tenecor is quality. But why not go with the real thing it will look better you will eventually do it anyway if you are already trying to immitate it. If it is fake it will look fake IMO. I have a ship in my tank, but am hopeful it will be covered in coraline someday it already...
  4. kmart189

    This Is Why I Am Not An "Enviromentalist"

    Yeah usually there is an underlying reason to reject it. I listened to a speaker talk about how he didn't believe that it was caused by human causes. Than even he had to admit he worked for an oil company. Real convincing
  5. kmart189

    Rarest fish /invert you own?

    Originally Posted by redsea what type of fish is that? Clown leaflip Grouper - Pogonoperca punctata - Leaf Lip Soapfish-Leaflip Grouper
  6. kmart189

    Best flooring choice

    Originally Posted by Fishy125 We have bamboo and it is very resielent to water, I flooded it bad left water running overnight to do a water change and it was drippping, it did not buckle or discolor. Just because it didn't warp doesn't mean there isn't mold growing under it from a result. +1...
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    Wall Street virtual stock trade game SPAM
  8. kmart189

    Fluffin or churning your sand???

    Originally Posted by lil.guppy My sand is clean except for the fish poo sitting in a specific spot. I have 70lbs of fiji and a HOB filter. I do think I need more filtration and want to upgrade to a larger one, but I am wondering if a canister filter would be better Canister filters suck I had...
  9. kmart189

    Fluffin or churning your sand???

    Just curious what kinda flow do you have. I don't have a cleanup crew in my dt and just clean the sand off when doing water changes. My sand is always clean. I have a 150 + 35g sump with two modded maxijet 1200's puts alot of flow out!
  10. kmart189

    My 180 Reef

    why do you have your powerheads on the front of the display tank?
  11. kmart189

    new computer

    Originally Posted by Firestorm looks great and you definately got if i can just figure mine out...... Just go to and upload the images there then after the uploading is done you can copy and paste the link for img code under the photo/s and paste it into the...
  12. kmart189

    My 180 Reef

  13. kmart189


    Originally Posted by reefraff I have zero sympathy or respect for telemarketing companies. I am on the do not call list for a reason yet these scumbags constantly come up with a loophole to ignore the law. And it isn't just businesses, The Lupus foundation, the american Cancer society and a...
  14. kmart189

    lion fish and bamboo shark??

    Why don't you put the shark in a smaller tank til he gits to be a decent size. You won't need a big tank til he is safe anyway. I would grow the shark out a bit then go for it! Then keep the lion very well fed! I had my eel bump into the spines of my lion and the lion laid down the spines...
  15. kmart189

    Do you treat your own water?

    +10 got the first double digit
  16. kmart189

    Rarest fish /invert you own?

    Not the rarest, but its mine tough to get a decent pic too
  17. kmart189

    Post pics of your FOWLR tanks!

    That volatin is tiny, but they grow quick. Do you have anything else in there?
  18. kmart189

    New volitan

    Originally Posted by 808saltyboy nice 1 man, i want 1 but down here they sell for 125 &up Find one online and order it.
  19. kmart189

    lionfish wont eat

    Did you thaw it out? If not do so and also you might want to try silversides. How big is it?