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  1. boogaman

    Putting Faces to the Names

    heres me and the wife
  2. boogaman

    **NEW 46gal REEF**

    Originally Posted by Devaji108 oh and what are u using for a return pump and how may gallon is your overflow rated 4? the canopy is a DIY rectangle box with the bottom and top removed and a board with an icecap 250 watt retro with spider reflecter screwed onto it and laid on top of the box...
  3. boogaman

    **NEW 46gal REEF**

    Originally Posted by bcott Very nice. What fish do you have in there? no fish at all! i have a 150 with all my fish in it.
  4. boogaman

    **NEW 46gal REEF**

    Originally Posted by rbrockm1 nice tank. what do you use as your base. it look like small pieces of live rock from the back right and back left its all rock all the way up to the surface and then sloping down in the front, its a mix of figi, marshall, and some other kind cant remember off the...
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    ok ..sorry what are we trading again , its been awhile and ive gotten alot of new stuff lately from alot of diffrent people
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    **NEW 46gal REEF**

    one more
  7. boogaman

    **NEW 46gal REEF**

    more pics...what do you guys think honestly??? :notsure:
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    New Photo Contest!!!!!!!!!!!

    well herre we go...................................
  9. boogaman

    Photo Contest - Win a $100 order

    hey MBX5 what kind of camera is that? accessories to make it take pics that close.......well here are my three entries of my new reef tank
  10. boogaman

    *****nitro Rc*****

    Hi everyone, is anyone interested in nitro -- trucks such as hpi savages?
  11. boogaman

    ****nitro Rc***

    "The Classified Forum is "A forum for members to sell their used aquarium supplies." Buying or selling corals is not allowed. Selling non-aquarium items is not allowed." If you wish to discuss -- trucks please use the aquarium forum. Thanks Mike
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    Help Me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 Fast!

    where can i buy this phosban?
  13. boogaman

    SPS Corals for trade in Eastern PA

    Well im first in line for the biggest peice of slimer j/k.......I still want a peice of the slimer though
  14. boogaman

    New Photo Contest!!!!!!!!!!!

    what fish stores do you go to in the cape? are they any good? im movin back down to ft myers in like 3 months(gettin out of the marine corps an comin back home) i know a few in ft myers that you can get really cheap stuff, i got a 15 head neon pink and green hammer over 10' across for 50 bucks...
  15. boogaman

    New Photo Contest!!!!!!!!!!!

    So when do we start postin? .......or whenever?
  16. boogaman

    Lets say EVERY salt water fish ate corals..

    corals....thats like asking if you saw a hundred dollar bill on the ground would you pick it j/k :hilarious
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    46 gallon bowfront reef pics...

  18. boogaman

    46 gallon bowfront reef pics...

    here is my new 46BF
  19. boogaman

    **NEW 46gal REEF**

    new pics
  20. boogaman

    Hard white spots retarded .............