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  1. watergal

    Help! Starfish injured

    I lost brittlestars in December to some sort of flesh eating thing, I think it may have been bacterial. My chocolate star survived and is in the process of regenerating - he looked really bad, I was surprised he was still alive. I treated my tank with Maracyn 2. Are your fish o.k.?
  2. watergal

    Flame Hawk

    Originally posted by vrb115 thanks for the replys I'am thinkin the cats but they have never messed with the tank EVER I have a hawk fish and 2 cats with a post by the tank because they love to watch the fish, and he is still in the tank, and I don't have a glass top on one side so he could...
  3. watergal

    Maracyn-Two Clarification

    I used Maracyn 2 back in December - I'm not sure what exactly was going on in my tank, I think it might have been bacterial, it killed my brittlestars - it was almost like it was flesh eating thing, and some of my fish had pop-eye. I used it according to the directions, I believe its a double...
  4. watergal

    Help needed please

    Originally posted by jobob are u goin to use ur 55 as ur sump? mite as well put it to use!! The tank already has a wet/dry sump. I'm not sure what I will do with the 55.
  5. watergal

    Help needed please

    How long did you cycle and when you moved the fish did you just put them in the tank or did you acclimate them? Thanks for your help:D
  6. watergal

    Help needed please

    Originally posted by jobob when i moved my 29 to a 55, i cycle the 55 first and moved the rock and then corals and then fish. i didnt move the cc cause i wanted ls in the 55. but if u wanna move that, scoop it in a cup and place the cup on the bottom of the 120 and then dump, less of a fall. it...
  7. watergal

    Help needed please

    I just purchased a 120g reef ready and am planning on transferring my 55g into this tank. What is the best way to do this? I don't want to lose any of my fish or corals. Help:confused:
  8. watergal

    Before and after - why this board rules

    WOW - talk about applying what you've learned!!!:yes:
  9. watergal

    Check out how we have been coming along!!

    Trisha - Very nice, you should be very proud!! I wish you would open one in VA. Best of Luck:cheer:
  10. watergal

    can you stand just one more pic of my evil green beast?

    Cool pic - and yes he does look very huge! eek: What size tank is he in?
  11. watergal

    zoos closed up

    Cindy - Have you tried to find out what they look like when they are dying. If the are still the same but closed up maybe they will be o.k.:notsure:
  12. watergal

    well, he went and did it...

    Beautiful snake!
  13. watergal


    Aren't kids great:D My daughter used to eat bugs - I freaked at first but then figured oh well. The best was when she would hide and eat playdough. When I would ask her if she was eating eat she would tell me no - and there would be playdough stuck to her teeth
  14. watergal

    zoos closed up

    Cindy - mine are usually closed up before I turn on the light and not all of them open up sometimes. I've had them for a while & they are spreading. Hopefully everything will be o.k.
  15. watergal

    are clown gobies hard to keep alive? and a goby question...

    I have an engineer goby, 2 firefish gobies, and a citron clown goby. They get along. Engineer made a cool tunnel, the 2 firefish hang out together & the citron hides in the corals. I have had them all together for quite awhile. The engineer was one of the first fish I bought. Hope this helps:)
  16. watergal

    How many tanks do u have?

    I have a 55 & 30h. I am upgrading the 55 to a 125 when I put hardwood floors in my family room, wont be until the fall though. Then I will have 3 - I'm seriously considering making the 55 a fresh water once I upgrade. Asbury - as long as you can afford it - its not outta hand:D
  17. watergal

    Sand Sifter

    cprdnick - did you take that pic? If so, its an awesome pic!
  18. watergal

    anybody been to Tybee Island?

    lovethesea- Corolla is beautiful - however I feel that they have overbuilt in that area. I go alot in the spring and fall. We rent the house in the summer - good money and it pays for the upkeep. The beaches are gorgeous - I dont much care for the Nags Head area. Hatteras is very beautiful...
  19. watergal

    white anome(sp) crab ?????

    I have an anemone crab & my first guess is that yours might starve. Their claws are different from other crabs. I am not sure if they grow back - Good luck.
  20. watergal

    My new 220

    Awesome tank!